The Eiffel Tower and the La Défense business district surrounded by high levels of air pollution are seen at sunset on December 7, 2016 in Paris. The Paris region had experienced the longest and most intense winter pollution peak in ten years, according to Airparif. (Photo by Chesnot / Getty Images)

“Life on earth can recover from major climate change by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems. Humanity cannot. ” The latest draft IPCC report is apocalyptic. The scientific consensus is clear: we have until 2030 to limit the extent of climate change. There are 114 months left to act and try to save human civilization. By always postponing the necessary efforts to stop climate change and its consequences, heat waves, rising sea levels and loss of food autonomy, France is discarding its commitments to guarantee compliance with the Paris Agreement . The actions taken at the top of the state are not up to the task.

Just two years ago, the Government timely presented the user manual for the Citizen’s Climate Convention. It was, after the anger of the Yellow Vests, the diversion of the Great Debate and the success of ecologists in the Europeans, to stage the mobilization of Emmanuel Macron for ecology. Two years later, the President of the Republic demonstrated his inconsistency in the face of the climate emergency.

The President’s arbitrations betray the contract concluded with the Citizens’ Convention, by not integrating the ambition of their collectively developed proposals into the Climate Law. Worse, the examination in the National Assembly and then in the Senate confirmed the inability of the Government – and of the right – to enhance the ambition of the text. They are thus demonstrating that they are incapable of leading the rapid and fair ecological transition.

With the green senators, we have carried out an ambitious work to propose a “real climate law” affecting all sectors of the life of the French: energy, food, buildings, agriculture, transport, which leaves no one behind. the road … With 300 amendments defended, we have obtained progress such as the allocation of one billion euros to communities to finance the transition, the ban on chemical fertilizers for non-agricultural uses or support for employees affected by the climate crisis. These modest improvements are useful, but they are not enough.

We denounce the attitude of the right and the government who have refused any significant progress on the Climate Law: refusal to regulate advertising, refusal to tax the most polluting cars, refusal of wind turbines … Their procrastination is proof that their priority is still not the climate emergency, that their liberal dogmas and protection of immediate economic interests are still required in their arbitrations.

We will therefore vote against this law, which will only reduce our CO2 emissions by 30 to 35% where we have collectively voted for the European target of minus 55%. We denounce this contradiction between speech and action.

The work of parliamentarians from the Ecologist –Solidarity and Territories group on the Climate Law and the action of local ecologist elected officials demonstrate that ecology provides solutions. It changes everyday life and improves life while reducing our environmental footprint.

It remains to convince a majority of French men and women that these solutions constitute a credible alternative project, and to promote them loud and clear so that they find a central place in the political debate which opens for 2022.

The petitioners:

Guillaume GONTARD, senator from Isère, President of the Ecologist, Solidarity & Territories Group of the Senate and members of the Ecologist – Solidarity and Territories group:
• Guy BENARROCHE, Senator of Bouches-du-Rhône
• Esther BENBASSA, Senator of Paris, vice-president of the Ecologist – Solidarity and Territories group
• Ronan DANTEC, Senator for Loire-Atlantique
• Thomas DOSSUS, Senator of the Rhône
• Jacques FERNIQUE, Senator of Bas-Rhin
• Joël LABBÉ, Senator of Morbihan
• Monique de MARCO, Senator of Gironde
• Paul Toussaint PARIGI, Senator of Upper Corsica
• Raymonde PONCET MONGE, Senator of the Rhône
• Daniel SALMON, Senator of Ille-et-Vilaine
• Sophie TAILLÉ-POLIAN, Senator of Val-de-Marne

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