Tournament favorite France will play its match of the eighth finals of the European Football Championship against Switzerland in Bucharest tonight. On this page you can follow the match in the 1/8th finals live.

  1. 23:00 penalty kickspenalty kicks, 23 hours match started
  2. 120+1′second overtime, minute 121. We’re going to take penalties! After 120 minutes it is 3-3. We’re going to take penalties! .
  3. 120+1′second overtime, minute 121. Xhaka overpasses! .
  4. 120′second overtime, minute 120. A Swiss free kick! Will this be the last danger? .
  5. 119′Sommer with a photographers rescue. Giroud asks for the ball and gets it, but heads the ball too center to really alarm Sommer! . second extra time, minute 119.
  6. 118′second extra time, minute 118. Pogba is frustrated when he thinks Xhaka goes to the ground too quickly. Nerves are coursing through everyone’s bodies. .
  7. 117′second overtime, minute 117. The Swiss can’t get out, while the French can’t find the opening for a while. Are we heading for penalties? .
  8. 114′second extra time, minute 114. Giroud is almost brought into position by Thuram, but he kicks the ball against Mbappé! .
  9. 114′second extra time, minute 114. Wonderful pass from Pogba, Giroud kicks on Mbappé.

    Lovely pass from Pogba, Giroud kicks on Mbappé

  10. 112′second overtime, 112 minute. Thuram pushes through and gets another corner! This is bacon to Giroud’s mouth. .
  11. 111′second extra time, minute 111. Substitution at France, Marcus Thuram in, Kingsley Coman out
  12. 110′second extra time, minute 110. Mbappé misses a dot of an opportunity! Mbappe seems to be sealing the fate of the Swiss after a great pass from Pogba. Yet Mbappé does not manage to get his feet together and he hits the side net full, after which he crashes into the billboards. .
  13. 109′second overtime, minute 109. Kante dribbles two whites, but the third is too much. Nevertheless, Coman has been well followed to continue the attack. The return to Mbappe may be there, but his shot is cracked. .
  14. 108′second overtime, minute 108. Akanji is also fined after a serious foul on Pogba.  .
  15. 108′Yellow card for Manuel Akanji of Switzerland during second extra time, minute 108
  16. 107′second extra time, minute 107. Mbappé’s shot is cracked.

    Shot by Mbappe has been cracked

  17. 106′second overtime, minute 106. The last fifteen minutes. We’re going to look for a goal for another 15 minutes. Will we get to see another one or is the fear greater than the will? .
  18. 106′ second overtimesecond extra time, minute 106 match started
  19. 105+1′first overtime, minute 106. Switch sides. We’re about to switch sides for the last time! Within fifteen minutes we know who will advance to the quarter-finals or we will take penalties! .
  20. 105+1′first overtime, minute 106. Swiss want a penalty, VAR says no.

    Swiss want a penalty, VAR says no

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