Tournament favorite France is out of the European Football Championship, and that already in the eighth finals. Fifteen minutes before the end, the world champion had everything under control after a comeback in the second half. Seferovic and Gavranovic gave Switzerland extra extensions, in which no goals were scored. In the decisive penalty shootout, Kylian Mbappé was the only one to miss from the spot.

Seferovic humiliates Lenglet and by extension all of France

World champion and vice-European champion France seemed to be in for a bite with Switzerland. The Swiss could not convince in their group and got 3 to the ears against Italy. A new pandoering seemed in the making, but those French goals weren’t going to make themselves.

Kylian Mbappe was clearly much discussed in the Swiss dressing room. Again and again the Swiss net closed around him. As a result, the danger had to come from someone else, but that was not a Frenchman. On the other side, assist machine Zuber curled the ball perfectly on Seferovic’s marble, who ridiculed Lenglet and nodded the 0-1 on the backboard.

There was no French response. They didn’t get much further than a shot and a cross from Rabiot, and they went wide or far over the head of Benzema. Once Mbappé escaped from Elvedi’s pocket, but the ensuing shot went wide. For example, the French rooster went to rest with a firm tomcat.

The French defense nullifies Pogba and Benzema’s masterclass

The second half was barely five minutes away when the Swiss and the French claimed a penalty. In the end, the VAR penalty went to the Swiss after a wild tackle by Pavard. The last three eleven meters of Switzerland were missed by Rodriguez, but he still went behind the ball. The ball went low to the left corner, but so did Lloris.

In France they realized they had crawled through the eye of the needle and so the accelerator pedal had to be pressed deeply. In two minutes, Benzema kicked the French on and over the Swiss. They seemed to be going 0-2, but were suddenly 2-1 behind. From heaven to hell she was rarely appropriate.

The blue shirts went back into their familiar saving mode and when Pogba put a gem in the square 15 minutes before time, the fate of the Swiss seemed to be settled. Yet the French again showed mercy, because when Mbabu threw the ball in front of goal 5 minutes later, Seferovic was also allowed to head in his second of the evening undisturbed.

That 2-3 fueled the Swiss pilot flame a bit. Had the Swiss seen the Croats’ comeback earlier that evening? Yes of course! And who else but Gavranovic, a half Croat, takes the umpteenth French present in thanks? Xhaka’s pass cut like a knife through butter and Gavranovic easily tricked Lloris.

Godenkind Mbappé is the only one to miss in the penalty shootout

We played football for half an hour longer. It didn’t take long before Sommer was put to work by Pavard and on the other side Varane had to clear Mbabu’s cross with three Swiss at his back. Even Mbappe was too tired to take his chance between the posts and then you know what time it is. The fear of losing outweighed the will to score on both sides, so we went on penalties.

In the penalty series, the level is very high. Only Lloris was half-handed on Vargas’ penalty, but that turned out not to be enough. At 5-4 all the pressure fell on the shoulders of the 22-year-old godchild Mbappé. The ball went to the left, Yann Sommer dived in the same direction and so the fate of the world champion was sealed. Not one of the big favorites, but underdog Switzerland treats itself to a quarterfinal against Spain.

  1. 23:45penalty kicks, 11:45 PM. Mbappé misses! It is precisely Mbappé that misses the 5th French penalty! Switzerland advances to the quarterfinals! .
  2. 23:44penalty kicks, 11:44. Mehmedi sends Lloris the wrong way. Mehmedi sends Lloris the wrong way. 5-4, the pressure can’t get any bigger! .
  3. 23:42penalty kicks, 11:42 PM Kimpembe kicks over Sommer! Sommer dived well again, but Kimpembe kicked him high enough! .
  4. 23:42penalty kicks, 11:42 PM. Lloris is there, but not enough! Lloris seems to take the first one, but Vargas’ kick is just hard enough! .
  5. 23:41penalty kicks, 11:41 PM. Sommer just falls short! Sommer chose the right angle, but Thuram puts it neatly in his side. .
  6. 23:40penalty kicks, 11:40 PM. Lloris changes his mind too late. Lloris chose the wrong angle, but changes his mind just too late. Akanji keeps Switzerland in pole position. .
  7. 23:39penalties, 11:39 PM. Giroud makes it 2-2. Olivier Giroud also does a good job with the left. It’s 2-2. .
  8. 23:39penalty kicks, 11:39 PM. Schär is also doing well. Schär opts for a place ball past the post. That one also goes in neatly: 2-1. .
  9. 23:38penalty kicks, 11:38 PM. Pogba does it even better! Paul Pogba don’t teach you anything anymore. This is a perfectly kicked penalty kick: 1-1! .
  10. 23:37penalty kicks, 11:37 PM. Gavranovic scores! Gavranovic kicks the ball hard against the bride. Lloris chose the wrong side. .
  11. 23:36penalty kicks, 11:36 PM. Gavranovic kicks first! The man of the 3-3 takes his responsibility. The miss from earlier, Rodriguez, is no longer on it. .
  12. 23:09 penalty kickspenalty kicks, 23 hours 09 match ended
  13. 28-06-2021.
  14. penalty kicks, 1 am . Missed penalty during penalty shootout by Kylian Mbappé of France.
  15. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Admir Mehmedi of Switzerland. 4, 5.
  16. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by France’s Presnel Kimpembe. 4, 4.
  17. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Ruben Vargas of Switzerland. 3, 4.
  18. penalty kicks, 1 am . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Marcus Thuram of France. 3, 3.
  19. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Manuel Akanji of Switzerland. 2, 3.
  20. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty kick scored on penalty kicks by Olivier Giroud of France. 2, 2.
  21. penalty kicks, 1 a.m. . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Fabian Schär of Switzerland. 1, 2.
  22. penalty kicks, 1 am . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Paul Pogba of France. 1, 1.
  23. penalty kicks, 1 am . Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Mario Gavranovic of Switzerland. 0, 1.
  24. 23:00 penalty kickspenalty kicks, 23 hours match started
  25. 120+1′second overtime, minute 121. We’re going to take penalties! After 120 minutes it is 3-3. We’re going to take penalties! .
  26. 120+1′second overtime, minute 121. Xhaka overpasses! .
  27. 120′second overtime, minute 120. A Swiss free kick! Will this be the last danger? .
  28. 119′Sommer with a photographers rescue. Giroud asks for the ball and gets it, but heads the ball too center to really alarm Sommer! . second extra time, minute 119.
  29. 118′second extra time, minute 118. Pogba is frustrated when he thinks Xhaka goes to the ground too quickly. Nerves are coursing through everyone’s bodies. .
  30. 117′second overtime, minute 117. The Swiss can’t get out, while the French can’t find the opening for a while. Are we heading for penalties? .
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