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A tweet from former President Martín Vizcarra receiving a dose of the Pfizer vaccine has revived the case ‘vaccinate’ where it was revealed that more than 470 people received doses of Sinopharm, irregularly, at the end of 2020. The former president was not the only one who has returned to receive new doses after the scandal, thanks to the fact that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) He forgot to remove them from the registry of beneficiaries for the official inoculation process against COVID-19 that started last March.

The Data Journalism Unit of Trade crossed the list of vaccinated vaccinates with the Pongo el Hombro vaccination list, updated to June 27, and found that 48 people on the list were re-inoculated with the two doses of the regular vaccination process that is being carried out in the country.

In addition to the doses received irregularly, these people were inoculated with the two doses assigned to them in the regular Minsa process: the health personnel received the Sinopharm vaccine again, while the adults were vaccinated with Pfizer. Among them is César Vizcarra Cornejo, brother of the former president; Ciro Maguiña, vice dean of the Medical College of Peru; José Carlos Ramirez Prada, brother of the former director of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control Epidemiology (CDC), Gladys Ramirez Prada; and Juliet Suarez Caro, daughter of former Vice Minister of Health Luis Suarez.

There are also cases such as that of the former Minsa official Víctor Cuba Oré, who has received a total of 5 doses: 3 during the ‘vaccinate’ and 2 in the regular process).

* Information updated until June 27, 2021, before the Minsa removes them from the register after revealing the case of Martín Vizcarra.

The former Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Suárez confirmed to El Comercio that he had received an extra dose. He assured that the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia did not provide them with a vaccination certificate and that, as he explained to the authorities in his statements, he did not develop antibodies with the Sinopharm vaccination, not because of the vaccine, but because of his health status.

“I consulted with my doctor because I have proof that I have not generated antibodies after I received the Sinopharm vaccine. My doctor’s indication is that I should receive the Pfizer vaccine, as all people who did not develop antibodies should receive them ”, he claimed.

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At the beginning of May, research director of the Southern Scientific University (UCSUR), Percy Mayta-Tristán said that more than two million people stopped being vaccinated due to the misinformation campaign regarding the effectiveness of the Sinopharm vaccine.

In that same week, the analysis results of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) of the World Health Organization (WHO) which concluded that the Sinopharm vaccine is 78.1% effective in treating symptomatic cases of COVID-19 and in avoiding hospitalization . The report collects data from phase 3 trials conducted in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt. Regarding its effectiveness, the result after the study in real life mentions that it is 91% for those over 60 years old and 90% for those under 60 years old.

According to Suarez, “It has not been defined that [el vacunagate] it was an irregular vaccination. That is being evaluated by the prosecution. It was a media scandal to which we of the professional team that was in charge of the response to the pandemic were drawn. The objective of this vaccination was to protect the team that led the response to the pandemic, which was at very high risk “he declared.

The former deputy minister had his second dose scheduled for June 30. Like Suárez, former president Martín Vizcarra, José Ramirez Pareja, father of the former CDC director, and 7 other people also had a second dose scheduled.

* Information updated until June 27, 2021, before the Minsa removes them from the register after revealing the case of Martín Vizcarra.

Taken from the register

After revealing the case of Martín Vizcarra, the Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte announced that the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) will exclude from the vaccination register the former president, former Vice Minister Suarez and the more than 470 people who received the Sinopharm vaccine in an irregular manner. “That the former vice minister [Luis Suárez] don’t bother going on 30 [de junio] because he will not be in the registry and he will not be vaccinated and that Mr. Vizcarra is not going to try to be vaccinated with the second dose as he has done with the first dose “affirmed Ugarte.

This newspaper was able to corroborate that the people who, until Sunday, June 27, appeared in the registry, had disappeared by the afternoon of Monday, June 28.

In addition, 53 people had the first dose scheduled for the months of May, June and July. Among them were the former Health Ministers, Pilar Mazzetti and Patricia García; the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elizabeth Astete; María del Carmen Suarez, sister of Luis Suarez; Maria Cecilia Blume; the infectologist Eduardo Gotuzzo; Rita Abanto Rojas, former team leader of the Ministerial Office of the Minsa, among others.

The Data Journalism Unit also found that 294 people on the vaccinagate list were on the vaccination registry. Among them, the researcher Germán Málaga stands out; the virtual congressman for Fuerza Popular, Alejandro Aguinaga; Mónica Pun Chinarro, who at least until 2019 was part of PAHO / WHO; Daniel Wiebering Gianoli, partner of the Suiza Lab; Fabrizio Orellana Aznaran and Fhariddy Orellana Aznaran, son of the administrative manager and legal representative of Suiza Lab, Sergio Orellana; Luis Antonio Suarez, and Mario and María Acha Suarez, son and nephews of Luis Suarez.

Meanwhile, 39 people did not appear in the registry, but they were informed that they would be included and that they were attentive. Only 13 people on the list did not have their document registered in said registry. After what was announced by Minister Óscar Ugarte, the Pongo el Hombro register is updated and the 487 people from the vaccine no longer appear. However, more than 50 people have benefited from extra doses.

We tried to contact Pilar Mazzetti and Elizabeth Astete, but at the close of the report they did not reply.

Political consequence

In Congress, legislator Jim Ali Mamani (New Constitution), prepared two draft motions: in one he proposed that the president of the Council of Ministers, Violeta Bermúdez, be invited to the plenary session; and in the second, he proposes that he be challenged. In both cases due to the vaccination of Martín Vizcarra.

A multiparty motion has also been presented inviting Violeta Bermúdez Valdivia and the Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte, to the next plenary session of the congress. The text asks to explain the “Inclusion in the national vaccination registry of people who were involved in the irregular immunization with doses of Sinopharm, case ‘vaccinate’, as evidenced by the recent vaccination of former president Martin Vizcarra Cornejo. National Vaccination Plan that ensures the inoculation of the prioritized population, with the provision of vaccines against COVID-19, to be executed by the next government “.

This last motion is signed by members of Acción Popular, Frente Amplio, Frepap and Fuerza Popular, all of them members of Parliament’s Special COVID-19 Commission.

Likewise, Diethell Columbus, spokesperson for Fuerza Popular, submitted trades asking for explanations on the subject, and assured that it is not enough that the people related to the ‘vaccinate’ have been removed from the registry. The plenary session of Congress will meet this Wednesday and Thursday.

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