Mexico.- For a few weeks, social networks have been filled with fear and doubts after the appearance of a supposed species that was believed to be extinct, which was the “sting itches jopo”, an ancient arthropod family of scorpions.

Although the images released made it clear that the “sting itches jopo” It was not a dangerous or poisonous species, hundreds of users on social networks were filled with fear, since its strange figure generated more doubts than those that could be answered in the description.

The images went viral on social networks

The post quickly went viral on social networks, and there were even those who took as true the version that this extinct species had reappeared.

Despite the commotion and controversy that caused the images, the origin of the supposed jopo sting has been revealed, which for some was already well known. Since they are actually called Facehugger and belong in the successful Alíen saga that first saw the big screen in 1977 in “Alíen, the eighth passenger”.

According to the experts of the Alíen saga, the Facehugger is a type of parasitoid of the Xenomorph XX121 species that hatches from an ovomorph, known colloquially as an egg, which is similar to a rough capsule with the appearance of skin or scales of some reptiles.

Although, the sting itches jopa is based on the Facehugger of Alíen’s first film, “The eighth passenger”, throughout the saga that so far consists of three sequels and two prequels, in addition to comics, books and video game.

Other Facehuggers have been created as the franchise gained ground in the world of cinema, since at least seven species of this type of parasitoid are known to date, which are:

  • Classic facehugger
  • Facehugger Queen
  • Giant facehugger
  • Praetorian Facehugger
  • Bodyhugger
  • Hammerpede
  • Snakep
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