Netflix subscribers have once again demonstrated their taste for true crime with the release of the documentary The Wanninkhof-Carabantes case. This new production, directed by Tania Balló (The Sinombrero), addresses the history of Dew Wanninkhof, the young woman murdered at the end of the 90s. An event that shook Spanish society at the time, who unequivocally sought her mother’s ex-partner, Dolores Vázquez, as the culprit.

The appearance of the corpse of the young woman Sonia Carabantes in 2003 would bring with it the arrest ofThe real culprit of both deaths, and would expose the collective psychosis of the population and the irregularities in judicial and police instructions.

A terrifying case that has shown us once again some of the bloodiest criminal events. This invites us to review some of the best true-life documentaries on Netflix.

True crimes triumph on the platform

Netflix also has feature films on the platform such as Amanda Knox, which tells the story of the American student who was studying at the University of Peruggia (Italy), where she was accused in 2007 of the murder of her roommate. A guilt shared with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and his friend Rudy Guede. One of the trials with the greatest international repercussion, with an unexpected ending.

Similarly, former inmate Nick Yarris narrates in The fear of 13 his problem with the prison system (in this case the American one). After 23 years in jail for rape and murder, he begs the authorities to speed up his execution. Everything will give a unique change of course by proving his innocence.

Legal errors that also led a mother to take the law into her own hand. The three deaths of Marisela Escobedo This is how it narrates the murder of the 16-year-old Rubí Marisol Frayre Escobedo in 2008 in Mexico, which would cause her mother to start a crusade to hunt down the murderer. A femicide in which everything allegedly pointed to his partner Sergio Rafael Barraza. Escobedo would initiate a whole campaign of activism against violence against women, which would tragically cause her to be murdered in 2010 by a bullet in the head.

Although justice does not always fail. The case of Watts the homicidal father tells of the murder of Shanann Watts and her children at the hands of the family patriarch. A man who had the cold blood to go to the police and the press to report the disappearance of his family. His change in the statement of facts in the face of the new details of the investigation would cause the mask to finally fall.

The series format is passionate

Spanish true crimes

Without neglecting its love for true crime, Netflix has opted to create several episodes of some extensive court cases, both national and global. This is how the Caso Alcasser, about the well-known murder of the three young women in the 90s; Y Nevenka, about the first case of a complaint of sexual harassment against a politician, which would involve added pressure from society against the informer.

Along the same lines as The Alcasser case Y Nevenka we also find similar cases like The disappearance of Madeline Mcline, which even today continues to mobilize public opinion; Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy rich, which talks about the case of the American tycoon accused of sexual abuse and incitement to prostitution to better; Y Making a murderer, about a man accused of sexual assault and released, who would later be arrested for murder.

The strangest and most creative black chronicle

The platform also has cases told from a more creative perspective, despite the seriousness of the matter. Bordering on a more hilarious line, Joe Exotic’s attempted murder of Carole Baskin is recounted via Tiger King, which chronicles the rise and subsequent fall of the king of tigers and his zoo.

Some felines that also star Do not touch cats: An internet killer. A docuseries that deals with the life of Canadian butcher Luka Magnotta. His case aroused the curiosity of certain Facebook groups, who linked cases of animal violence with murder.

Similarly, the documentary series The Keepers, Sons of Sam: A Descent into Hell O Wild Wild County religion and sects intermingle, permeating an almost unreal and striking journey.

Other series of real events of great interest

Along with all the mentioned serial fictions, we also find some recognized as Conversations with Killers: The Ted Bundy Tapes, I am a killer, The Yorkshire Ripper, Carmel: Who killed María Marta?, Night stalker O David Copeland: The Man Who Terrified London. True stories that seem straight out of any David Fincher movie and for which only the strongest stomachs will have the strength.

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