I read for the first time The foundation with 12 years. Almost everything I love and hate in my life I discovered there, and it was not easy: I had been fascinated by Ender’s Game, one of my favorite books, but the universe that I had created Isaac Asimov in his worldsIt was something else. What seemed like a story acquired a gigantic scale in every way, and I could not detach myself from those first pages because it was the first time I had read a story where literally, the scale of everything seems infinite.

I was passionate about technology and looked for answers in science fiction to find out what the future of all this would be like

I am not saying that I do not remember those moments of preadolescence with a certain nostalgia. I liked to read and discover things and just two years ago I had been given my first computer with some incredible 64Kb of RAM. Such an amount of memory made practically everything possible at the time: technology was finally reaching our homes and everything was a discovery. These stories of the future interested me because I was fascinated by what we could do with technology at the time, and I was eager to find out how far we could go. I used science fiction to look for these answers.

The Apple Tv Applesfera Foundation 05

And I was getting them. The stories of the time were raucous, flashy – excessively Florida at times – and each story was closed in the short term, the heroes were in a hurry to do their job and the villains were running out of time to stop them. The world, the worlds – of this, or of any other universe – were waiting for us to go through them with attention from the present to marvel in exactly the same way that we expected to do so. And boy did they get it.

I discovered The Foundation in the edition of Bruguera in the 80sI discovered The Foundation in the edition of Bruguera in the 80s

I wondered if there was one more step into science fiction that would lead even further the limits of those stories that fascinated me. I was looking for the future of the future that those authors told us about. And then the Foundation found me: it was the only book in the “science fiction” section of my city library that did not have striking spaceships on the cover or a headline worthy of the best B-series film. It was an edition of Bruguera from the early 80s, which I read in 1989. Big blue letters. ISAAC ASIMOV. In orange, FOUNDATION. And a strange star shaped symbol. Nothing more. That book looked more like a bible, and in a sense, it was.

I don’t know if you will like it – the librarian told me – it is one of the few books that does not take much, it is always on that shelf. Of course, who reads it tells me wonders. I think there are more parts out there.

I read the first chapters that weekend. I didn’t find anything I was expecting, and that’s what got me hooked. While all the stories tell us heroes with epic missions, here he knew a single man who seemed to already have all the answers. An old man, weak and conceited. His name was Hari Seldon and he was about to terrorize the Empire that ruled the known universe with his predictions.

The magnitude of The Foundation is that of not setting any limits

The Apple Tv Applesfera 02 FoundationThe Apple Tv Applesfera 02 Foundation

Isaac Asimov wanted to write a history book, but human history fell short of him. He had learned almost everything about the Roman empire in books of the time, and he thought that it was for much more but only if we move away from Earth. The history of the foundation is on a scale that costs even if we try to imagine it: the word has no limits and he didn’t put them on either. The setting of the play is based on more than 20 million star systems administered by a capital planet called Trantor over more than 30,000 years.

The scale of history is almost infinite: more than 20 million star systems and 30,000 years where it takes place

Is gigantic civilization It is as far from us as we are from the Big Bang: the origin of man is lost in the eons of old stories – before the robots – and the truth is, nobody is interested in that more than his own future. And the future is going to be chaos: Seldon predicts the end of the Empire thanks to the psychohistory, and with him, a time of darkness and decay as you cannot imagine – because human arrogance is still intact in this story and more present than ever in the emperors since Cleon I, the last of the Entun dynasty and also the last to listen to Seldon.

The Apple Tv Applesfera 06 FoundationThe Apple Tv Applesfera 06 Foundation

“You cannot save yourself. You can only save your legacy.”. For it, Seldon and a group of faithful form The Foundation, a scientific institution that will move away to the furthest end of the galaxy, with the aim of reduce the number of thousands of years of barbarism after the fall of the Galactic Empire and store the maximum possible knowledge to achieve it. Only thanks to the laws psychohistorical That decline can be shortened, but the emperors do not want to give Seldon and his encyclopedists as much power because they fear that it is all a maneuver to overthrow them. Then begins an epic that lasts for years – centuries – throughout the galaxy where each act is greater than the previous one, more barbarous, more surprising.

The Foundation as a great technological history

The Apple Tv Applesfera 07 FoundationThe Apple Tv Applesfera 07 Foundation

Asimov’s story about The Foundation are nothing more and nothing less than 16 volumes written between 1942 and 1992. Although we are only talking about the first three books written by him, “Foundation”, “Foundation and Empire” and “Second Foundation”, we will be talking literally about millions of worlds and millennia of interconnected stories and characters. The rumors to bring to the screens (To anybody) of the Foundation have been in dance for years, but they lived and died at almost the same rhythm: Roland Emmerich (director de Independence Day) wanted to make a movie with a part of the story. Jonathan Nolan (director of Interstellar) tried to get it in 2014, but the attempt failed although Nolan managed to bring the Westworld series to HBO in 2016.

During years The Foundation was thought to be a technically impossible work to do in cinema or in a series, especially because of the enormousness of the story. Asimov’s universe reduced to a window is terribly complex to translate, and the adventure that David S. Goyer has produced for Apple TV + may have managed to bring that epic and majesty finally to our rooms. It’s the first time something like this has been endorsed by Asimov’s heirs, and it features a cast of top-notch actors like Jared Harris and Lee Pace.

The Apple Tv Applesfera 01 FoundationThe Apple Tv Applesfera 01 Foundation

This is the science fiction story in which many of us fell in love with science fiction, in which we discovered the power of technology and where we realized that heroes are not always the ones who wear the best armor, and where the future can be just as enviable or fearsome. If you want to read a book in the saga before September 24, you still have time. I am sincerely excited to think that someone can discover these books today and enjoy them as I did at the time. So what we can live them together on the small screen (finally!), comment so much and more about them, when the time comes … for the Big spaceget ready! We are about to connect the viewer with the cosmodrome

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