The AMPA of the IES Cabrera Pinto denounces that the management of the center wants to “end” the bilingual program Émile, which gives access to French universities as well as Spanish ones. In a statement, parents have made clear their total rejection of a situation that they consider completely unfair, as they fear that only those students who come from private schools or receive paid extracurricular training can access this international baccalaureate.

The full statement is as follows:

Until now, Cabrera Pinto students could choose to study ESO only in Spanish or take some subjects in English (CLIL program) or French (Émile program). Although the regulations oblige the center to extend these linguistic programs to the four courses of ESO, the management of the center has only done so with the CLIL program, offering so far the Émile only in 3rd and 4th years of ESO.

But, without any explanation to the families, the information about the Émile program has disappeared from the center’s website and from the registration documents for the next year in 3rd ESO. In addition to eliminating an educational option for the students, the center contradicts the commitments made in its own Management Project, in which it set the objective of extending this bilingual program in French to all secondary education to form a multilingual center.

Paradoxically, this decision takes place in the only public center in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife where students can study the Spanish-French international baccalaureate ‘Bachibac’, which gives access to French universities as well as Spanish ones. Without prior bilingual training, the AMPA fears that only those students who come from private schools or receive paid extracurricular training will be able to access this international baccalaureate, since it is necessary to previously obtain the B1 certification in French.

After not accepting the direction of the center to meet with representatives of the AMPA to explain their decision, they met with the Minister of Education, Manuela de Armas, to request the protection of her department, given the comparative injury suffered by the families of Tenerife against to the other public institute in the Canary Islands offered by the Bachibac: the IES Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where training in French begins in 1st year of ESO. Moreover, in this institute in Gran Canaria, adding the four courses of this cycle, each week 43 hours are taught in French, compared to 17 at Cabrera, which will be reduced to only 13 next year.

Interest of families

The AMPA does not understand that the management of the IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto does not promote a linguistic program such as Émile, despite the fact that the interest of the families is clear: in a recent survey, more than half of the parents of the students claimed to be interested have your children take this program in French or a mixed trilingual program in French and English.

According to the perception of the AMPA, there is a continuous injury to the students of the center who choose to study French, which is reflected in the null promotion that the center makes of the bilingual program in French (46% of the families do not even know its existence when you enter the center) or that the management has only requested conversation assistants in English and Italian (a language that students can study as a second foreign language subject), but not in French.

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