Shocking videos appear on the Web, which capture the consequences of the elements. Some districts of Moscow are so flooded that pedestrians have to move almost by swimming. The Leningradskoe highway was especially affected. Cars simply cannot continue driving while half in the water. Getting somewhere through the metro is now quite problematic: several stations have to suspend their work. They say that significant damage was noted on the sections of the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya and Filevskaya lines.

Not without a strong wind: a roof collapsed on Pravda Street. The metal structure collapsed right on the carsharing cars parked nearby. EMERCOM employees work at the scene. Information about the victims is being specified, but, according to preliminary data, there are no victims. “Traffic on Pravdy Street is blocked in both directions. Work is underway there to clean the roadway, ”the Department of Transport said. The Ostankino television center did not escape flooding either; the first floor of the building suffers from the last rainstorm.

A difficult situation unfolded in the areas where construction work is underway. So, for example, in the residential complex “Novye Ostrovtsy”, which is located in Ramenskoye, a construction crane fell. Fortunately, sources said no one was hurt. In Novokosino, the hurricane demolished construction materials. Information is also received about falling trees in several districts of Moscow at once.

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Thunderstorms especially contributed to the overall chaos. A number of fires have been reported due to lightning strikes. At the moment, firefighters are extinguishing a cottage house in the Podrezkovo microdistrict. The scale of the fire has grown to 80 square meters. In Balashikha, near Moscow, trees and power lines are engulfed in fire, and an explosion occurred in the city of Shchelkovo. A powerful ignition occurred at a transformer substation, which was hit by lightning.

Based on materials from TASS, LIFE, TV channel “360”, Telegram-channels Baza, 112, Life Shot

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”

Video: Telegram channels Baza, 112, Life Shot, LIFE