The Eternals, the creation of Jack Kirby, on his return to Marvel in the 70s, indebted to his Fourth World in DC Comics, returns with a regular collection as a previous step to its inclusion in the Cinematic Universe. Panini Comics will offer it in monthly installments in staple format.

Infinite resurrections

There are times when we accept certain concepts willingly because they come at a good time or with a great justification. The name Eternals already indicates a part of the intention, the eternal by definition is what cannot be measured by time, it has neither beginning nor end. It would be a pretentious name in principle because we know the origin of the race of the Eternals, creation of the Celestials. The problem reaches us when we get to how they are perpetuated after the vicissitudes of their existence, a way of resurrecting very similar to what we are seeing Jonathan Hickman do with the mutants and Krakoa.

Turning death into a banality reduces credibility and tension to the adventures of our heroes, makes them predictable, reduces their motivation to overcome themselves, to advance and learn from mistakes, basing everything on pure repetition, on the infinity of opportunities. Seeking weakness, humanity, in these characters also contradicts the eternal concept. We speak of practically gods, of chosen ones who must control that their opponents, the Deviants, do not tip the balance in their favor. A mission not without difficulties for which they are well prepared, without the need to alter their status quo.

A star studded reboot

Marvel is aware of the need to return to the Eternals in the pages of their own collection before the future premiere of the film that will introduce them to the Cinematic Universe of the Disney-owned publishing house. You have to take advantage of the moment but to carry it out they have not chosen just any creative team but contrasted professionals have been put in charge. The scripts fall on the figure of Kieron Gillen, a British author who has already had important stages in collections such as Iron Man or various series related to mutants. He has also been responsible for several Star Wars collections and on the independent scene has hits such as The Wicked + The Divine o Die.

Gillen structures the society of the Eternals in various locations to gradually unravel it, with various surprises that can be savored slowly but surely. It is going to place us before the resolution of a murder taking advantage of to resume the tense relationship with the Deviants, leaving behind to see some novelties with respect to the classic characters. We will miss the presence of some of the most iconic of the Eternals because the time has not yet come to see them through these pages. Not even in the second issue of the collection.

Eternals and Titans feed each other

For the drawing we marvel at the complete artist line of Esad Ribic, perhaps the usual luminosity of the Eternals needed that dirty pencil that hardens the characters. Ribic, whose last presence we have seen at the end of Jason Aaron’s stage in Thor, takes us from New York to Olympia to draw the line prior to landing at Titanos, a short but intense trip that will make clear the intentions of the authors regarding this collection, including without hesitation the society of the Eternals that parted ways with the original strain, the Titans.

Marvel raises a return of the Eternals Long-lived, with heavy weights among the villains, it is not in vain that a hero is measured in terms of the challenges his nemesis subjects them to and how he manages to overcome them. Gillen and Ribic have their own challenge in having to restore greatness to characters who have starred in some iconic sagas but have not finished winning the favor of the general public. It will not be an easy task.

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