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The race of Raziel Garcia it is a sway of emotions to set an example for those who just want to be footballers. At 27, she has come a long, bumpy road to come back and make her official debut with the peruvian team against Colombia and have good minutes against Venezuela. All thanks to his perseverance and the help of his family.

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The current midfielder of Cienciano del Cusco has had a rebirth in football. Tempted by the Sports University, he signed for the Cusco team after a good campaign with Vallejo. His last two good years made them see him from the Videna. Summoned for qualifying – an injury took him out – and back for the Copa América, where he made his debut on Sunday night in the victory over Colombia. He was also present against Venezuela, in which he entered in good shape.

Raziel was part of one of the best generations that Peruvian football had and that almost classifies the Mundial Sub 20 in 2013. It was the group headed by Daniel Ahmed and which had in its ranks Edison Flores, Andy Polo, Benavente, Yordy Reyna, Renato Tapia and Miguel Araujo. Names that after a few years managed to reach the selection absolute and even played a World Cup.

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The Peruvian team that played in the 2013 South American U20 in Argentina (Photo: AFP).

That South American from Argentina was a showcase for all of them; however, it turned into a nightmare for Raziel García. Peru he had managed to classify the final hexagonal first in his group. He was the sensation of the tournament and a fixed candidate to reach the World Cup.

On the first date Peru fell 3-1 to Uruguay. In that encounter the worst version of the red-white was seen. All the critics pointed to Raziel Garcia. The midfielder, entered the second half by Hernán Hinostroza, lost two balls that ended in a Uruguayan goal. At the end of the game, the massacre on social networks was immediate.

Peru vs.  Venezuela: match summary
Peru vs. Venezuela: match summary

With less than 20 years, Raziel he was a cruel victim of cyberbullying. His tray was filled with insults, negative comments and outrageous criticism. At that age it is difficult to fight against all that. In addition, the team had not brought a psychologist for the boys. Everything became more difficult.

“They have made me load heaps, I have had to close my Facebook. They have told me everything, but it hurt me more to be called Uruguayan. They look at me as the culprit for the defeat, when what I did was try to play well. The teacher and the group supported me. I’ll cover everyone’s mouth when they give me the opportunity “Garcia declared to Peru 21.

Raziel García played 6 games in the 2013 South American U-20.
Raziel García played 6 games in the 2013 South American U-20.

Raziel He had to close all his social networks because of the load they made him. In that South American he played 6 games, only one as a starter and could not score goals. It was always the first option to refresh the attack.


Despite that moment he lived with the U-20, García continued in search of his dreams. He was one of the biggest prospects that San Martín had and he had to be taken care of. He was already alternating in the first holy team. In 2014, Julio Cesar Uribe gave him more opportunities because in reserve he was the one who stood out the most.

However, Raziel he was no longer the same. He began to lose the joy of getting up early to go to training. He did not feel like a professional player. Then, the problems began to arrive. In June 2015 he was separated from the first team by coach Cristian Díaz. García had participated in a soccer tournament without authorization from the technical command.

Raziel Garcia spent his days playing football tournaments.  Its quality was still intact.
Raziel Garcia spent his days playing football tournaments. Its quality was still intact.

Between 2015 and 2016, Raziel Garcia I had only played 3 games. He no longer wanted to continue playing football. He preferred to have fun playing the neighborhood championships where several former players who do not reach the professional end up making a living. Having it as a backup was not cheap at all.

He had another type of business related to nutrition. He was focused on continuing to grow in that area. Returning to professional football was not going through his head. If there was an opportunity to play, he did, but without having any commitment.


With his head on other activities and away from professional football, Raziel Garcia They invited him to participate in the beach soccer team at the beginning of 2017. This was like a new chance to rejoin the top competition.

The former San Martín was very skilled at the soccer ball. He could easily play on the futsal or beach soccer team. They called him to dispute the South American Qualifiers that were played in Paraguay. Unfortunately, Peru could not qualify for the World Cup.

Raziel Garcia in the official photo of the beach soccer team.
Raziel Garcia in the official photo of the beach soccer team.

After that tournament, Union Huaral He contacted him to return to professional football in the Second Division. Raziel understood that his priority was not to play. That is why he made it clear to the managers of the northern cadre that he accepted the offer, but on the condition that they let him see their business.

On Union HuaraHe played 25 games, almost the same that he had added between 2013 and 2016 in the holy box. It was the season where he had more minutes. In addition, he scored 5 goals, something that he had not achieved throughout his entire career. The season ended and his future was uncertain.


Raziel Garcia he didn’t know what to do with his future. Just like when he was taking his first steps, he looked to his parents for advice. That conversation made him see a new panorama in his career. He set new goals: short term was to continue playing professionally and long term to return to the First Division.

Raziel García returned to professional football with Unión Huaral to play the Second Division.
Raziel García returned to professional football with Unión Huaral to play the Second Division.

He moved away from the football championships. He focused on improving his level. The good campaign with Union Huaral He opened César Vallejo’s door for him. ‘Chemo’ del Solar He called him and added him to his project so that the poet painting returns to first. That season, he played 27 games and scored 4 goals. He was elected the best player in the Second Division and achieved promotion with the poet team.

For 2019, it continued in Trujillo. His level continued to rise. From La Videna they were already doing a special follow-up to Raziel. Then, the long-awaited call to the Peruvian team arrived. The midfielder was first considered for training that took place in September. The first objective accomplished.

On the eve of the start of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, Raziel Garcia He was officially summoned to participate in the meetings in Paraguay Brazil. An award product of the good work he has been doing in recent years.

Raziel García will miss the matches of the Peruvian team in the Qualifiers.  (Photo: GEC)
Raziel García will miss the matches of the Peruvian team in the Qualifiers. (Photo: GEC)


Raziel Garcia did all the work with the group in the best way. However, bad news came. On the fifth day of training he felt pain in his right thigh. After taking the corresponding tests, they showed that he had a tear that left him out of the games.

“The Peruvian Soccer Team regrets to inform that the soccer player of the César Vallejo Club, Raziel García, is out of the call for dates 01 and 02 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, after suffering a muscle tear in his right thigh. Quick recovery, Raziel! “, reported the Peruvian Federation.

A blow lasted for Raziel who did not appear for the next double date against Chile and Argentina. He had all the desire to make his debut in the Peruvian national team but an injury ruined his plans.

The season ended with the Cesar Vallejo and decided to seek a new destination. He signed for Cienciano who was building a competitive squad to reach an international tournament. During the first days of 2021, he was linked with academic, but in the end he decided to stay in the Cusco team.

In those first days of January, he did not have a good time. Raziel He was involved in a car accident that left two dead in Chorrillos. The vehicle that the midfielder was driving collided with a motorcycle causing the death of two people, including an agent of the National Police.

After the first expert reports carried out by the National Police, these showed that both people who lost their lives tested positive for the alcohol dose that was carried out on them. Similarly, law enforcement officers pointed out that the motorcycle they were driving on was speeding. This was relieving news for the player who always spoke the truth and claimed that it was not his fault.

Fortunately, she managed to overcome that bitter episode and returned to focus on her career. He continued adding minutes in Cienciano and that earned him to be called back to the national team after Edison Flores’ injury.

He made the long-awaited debut. He entered the final minutes of the match against Colombia to give air to the Peruvian brand. Meanwhile, this Sunday he entered with a lot of attitude against Venezuela. What a few years ago were critical now are praise and congratulations for the player who knew how to endure adversity and get ahead. This Sunday i


In recent years he has been playing on the right wing. Either as a steering wheel or extreme. In the Vallejo, Chemo put him on both sides to take advantage of his imbalance in one on one. Also his speed and the constant arrivals that the rival area had.

Raziel Garcia can play all over the front of the wheel.  It is always generates danger near the rival area.
Raziel Garcia can play all over the front of the wheel. It is always generates danger near the rival area.

Raziel García to his great skill with the ball has added the recovery. Today he is a player with a long history and with a very attractive polyfunctionality. He has game reading, goal pass and a powerful shot from long distance. All the ingredients that you like Ricardo Gareca.

In some games in League 1 we have seen him gather to start the attack plays. Other times, he leaves the bands to go in the middle where he has the best panorama. Always seek to filter passes towards the back of the defenders, triangulations leaning with the wings and centers towards the forward.

All that can bring you Raziel Garcia to peruvian team. Also, I already know what it is to play Christian Cueva (San Martín 2012) on offense and he knows his teammates very well. He is undoubtedly a great option to replace the injured Edison Flores.

Movement in attack by Raziel García



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