The PSOE breaks with the PP and for the whole future to ERC, against the opinion of some ministers

El Rey and Pedro Snchez, together at the Mobile World Congress this Monday in Barcelona.Albert GeaREUTERS

New photo together, the third in just three days. Two in the Mobile World Congress; one, today, in The Moncloa. Understanding remains to be seen. The approach, at least physical, is remarkable. Pedro Snchez and Pere Aragons are seen today in the presidential complex in an appointment that is expected to promote the dialogue table, which is the true core of the operation concord that the Government is leading. A meeting in which the president of Catalonia come aware of your position of strength. The granting of pardons and the roadmap decided by the Prime Minister cut off all understanding with the PP and Cs and fans the nationalists’ governability.

The so-called variable geometry is over: Sánchez’s intention to, at specific times, seek moderation with agreements with Ciudadanos or even with the PP in matters of State. His commitment to the agenda of the reunion with Catalonia makes the Government focus on a single path, a single possible majority that supports its governance: that of the nationalists and minority parties of the country. Congress. The investiture bloc was always the way that United Podemos wanted, which worked to drive Ciudadanos out of the way, an option that the socialist sector of the Executive has tried on more than one occasion, but which now after the pardons is no longer viable.

There have never been bridges with a PP that considers that the Constitution can only be fulfilled when they are in power. Or renew the organs when they are in power, Sanchez himself declared yesterday. The darts of the President of the Government confirm that La Moncloa does not contemplate any understanding. I accused the popular of being the most furious opposition of Europe or to break the basic consensus due to his absence on Sunday in the act of tribute in Congress to the victims of terrorism – to which Bildu was.

The blackout that Snchez photographs regarding the PP or Cs – if it is from the center it does not make sense that it pacts only with the right and with the extreme right, he said in the Ser – leaves only the sum alive with ERC, Bildu or the PNV, among other parties . A scenario that deviates the preferences of some of its ministers, who continue to hope to achieve certain consensuses with the PP. The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, is even hopeful, at least publicly, in a pact to renew the Power of attorney.

In the Government they handle two recent votes in Congress, precisely on two initiatives of the PP on pardons, as a sketch of what they intend in key votes, such as those of the Budgets, which will only come out if ERC, Bildu and PNV support them, or the social measures that the Executive is promoting (Trans Law, Democratic Memory Law, VAT reduction on electricity …). The two initiatives popular against the grace measure were rejected by 190 and 192 votes against -PSOE and Unidas Podemos together with their partners- and 152 and 150, in favor (PP, Vox, Cs), respectively.

In that majority that supports Sánchez, and that they want to be the one that adds more than the PP-Cs-Vox block in the next general elections, ERC is decisive. It is a protagonist so that governance remains afloat or sinks. That grants a position of strength to the pro-independence Republicans just when the negotiation between the Government and the Generalitat should be opened. At the same time, it provokes distrust in socialist sectors, no matter how greasy the relationship is between the groups in Congress, who remember that ERC already knocked down the Sanchez Budgets after the motion of censure and forced to go to elections.

In ERC they are aware of that negotiating force, of the need for Sánchez, and that is why they already warn in the previous appointment with Aragons. Oriol Junqueras, leader of the Republicans and out of prison thanks to the pardons, warned yesterday in statements to Reuters that the grace measure will not make his party support the Budgets automatically, but will only do so if they are beneficial for Catalonia .

Junqueras warns that pardons do not guarantee their support for the Budgets

Being decisive partners for the Government allows pulses such as the presence of Junqueras himself at the dialogue table, which may be reborn already after the summer.

The ERC leader is willing to sit in that forum, while Snchez is opposed, claiming that it is a table between governments and that Junqueras continues to be disqualified from holding public office.

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