In 2016, she caught everyone’s attention when she participated and won the Girl of the Summer contest in Carlos Paz. The comedian Mar Tarrés he made his humorous work “Minas jodidas” and participated in the contest that always catapulted the star of the moment. “It was the most difficult year of my career. At first I was happy, I couldn’t believe it, but it was a contest where I received so much criticism and so much bullying that in panic and depression, I didn’t even encourage myself to go out on the street, ”he recalled later.

Tarrés was born in Salta and went to study Economic Sciences in Córdoba. “I ended up being a comedian in the capital of humor. My mother didn’t laugh much when I left the race ”, she tells LA GACETA from Buenos Aires, in one of the breaks from her rehearsals for the ShowMatch program that she hosts. Marcelo tinelli. In Córdoba he made his play “Minas Jodidas” which has been on the bill for ten years, although it was suspended due to the pandemic: “we were taking more and more people to the theater until we had to stop doing it.”

After denouncing her ex-boyfriend Fernando Morachi for fraud and having been attributed an affair with the Tucumán model Franco Touceda, the humorist and now dancer is “single and adventurous”, as she defines it.

Currently, the influencer who has more than 1.1 million followers lives in Buenos Aires for the rehearsals required by the program. In his last appearance on TV, last Wednesday, Tarrés presented Tinelli with his dogs, “Morcilla” and “Molleja”, and they performed a fun preview dressed as minions. On that occasion, he said that he rescues animals and that he must take care of his dog “Xuxa” particularly because she is diabetic.

“I spend $ 40,000 on it because the medication is the same as that for humans and there are no social works that cover these treatments for dogs,” he explained, and requested that they collaborate with gathering firms so that these remedies are cheaper for pets.

In that same program your coach, Judith Kovalovsky, defended Mar’s work on the dance floor despite the difficulties she has when dancing with overweight and a thrombosis that left her in a wheelchair for six months. “She is overweight that I have to respect, I can’t make her dance 100 percent because it would be irresponsible on my part,” said the coach.

– Why did you want to be on Tinelli’s program?

– I think that many of us in show business have been through the program and most of them have done well. I think being there is showing what one is capable of and it is a challenge. In my case, I’m not a dancer, none of those who are this year are, and I find it interesting.

– You always liked dancing, is dancing on the ShowMatch floor the same as making videos for social networks?

– I always danced because I was the party girl of the group but as Hernán Piquín said (dancer and jury of the program) you have to study seven years to be a professional dancer. What one uploads to the networks is 15 seconds where the camera helps you to see it and you can show off your best profile. At Tik Tok we are all Piquín, even a grandfather. While, at Tinelli’s, the dances last more than two minutes, they have more aerobic work. Nothing favors you there: if you went well, good and if not, I’m sorry.

– How do you live the challenge?

– It is very demanding physically. I’ve been rehearsing for three months every day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There is a lot of discipline, the coach is very demanding. Everything that has the piola in supporting me is demanding. I want to have fun and live today but we realize that sometimes on TV you don’t see the hours of demands, of rehearsals, which sometimes costs to hook a step.

– How do you take the visibility that the program gives you?

– I would have liked to participate in this program 10 years ago, because it would have had another energy. But I think God put me here at 34 for something and that has to do with a whole journey that I made, internally, to overcome frustration and the gaze of the other. It was a process that had to be done.

The reality is that Argentina is the most fat-phobic country in the world. If there is a fat man on TV, the country is upset for better or for worse. The fat man makes noise, does not go unnoticed, generates mockery, criticism. There are people who say “it’s good that there is someone fat on TV, that there is inclusion” and others who do not like it at all, especially if you are a woman. A Darío Barassi passes a bit, but the pressures were always on women: we have to be beautiful and perfect. All my colleagues on the show are models and mine is completely removed from the stereotype.

– You always respond to the criticisms that are made to you on social networks for your body. How do you live it daily?

– Many people believe that in the name of health he can give you advice but everything he says speaks more from the gordofobia he has. Nobody wakes up thinking that they want to be fat but the important thing is to learn to live in harmony with food, with healthy habits. I practice intuitive eating, which is to give the body what it needs: vegetables, fruit, water. Today I can have a healthy relationship with food. They made us fat people have a conflict with food and today I proudly say that for six years I have maintained the same weight.

– In addition to your work as a comedian, influencer and activist in favor of real bodies, you have your own clothing company, how did it come about?

– It started as a necessity of its own, I never saw it as a business. I had a need to find cute, colorful clothes in my size and tailored to fit me. In Argentina, the large size was always considered a lady, as if at an older age there was more weight. Suddenly at the age of 20 you were in a bowling alley dressed as your aunt Marta, or it was my grandmother at the bowling alley! Imagine: I did not raise without suspicions!

Everything was done with the tent model, loose. It seems that he said let’s not enhance the lolas on the fat woman, let’s not mark her waist. Now we change that concept and try to find that the products mark the best that each of the women has.

The criticism that was generated

In his first appearance on Marcelo Tinelli’s program, Mar Tarrés made a comment to the driver that generated a cataract of reactions in the Buenos Aires media. “I want a Jewish boyfriend with money,” she told him. “The truth is that I realized that TV is not social networks and everything is distorted to the side that suits them. They make something huge out of something small. I take responsibility for what I said and I apologized because I did not mean to offend anyone and if I did, I apologize. But the words are not bad, the intention with which they carry them is bad. On TV you have to be very politically correct and I am not correct at all ”, explained Mar to LA GACETA. He added that what he experienced with that was a great lesson about what Argentine TV is like: “likewise many took advantage of that unfortunate comment to release all their fat phobia against me because all the insults were accompanied by the ‘fat’,” he said.

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