In the Bob Pop series there are many Bobs, a lot of life and a lot of truth.

In the Bob Pop series there are four Bobs. Three plus the creator of Maricon Lost, who counts himself. And of the three Bobs-no-Bobs, one is absolutely fictional: a literary alter ego. This may seem like a thing and yet it is which anchors the viewer to the truth of a series that constantly jumps in narrative time: the adolescent Bob (Gabriel Sánchez), the young man (Carlos González) and the current one, who plays himself. More Daniel Bayona, who stars in a fiction within fiction. Different faces for the same character that help the viewer to position himself each time Lost fagot change third. Berto Romero and Enric Pardo, responsible for the wonderful look what you have done, collaborate so that Bob Pop’s script for TNT, the first he writes, works like clockwork without ever losing the essence of its creator, protagonist and soul.

Not only the times of Lost fagot are elusive, so is their quantity: the series does not reach three hours in total duration. This is all the work space that Bob and Enric have to tell a whole life. Or, more than a life, an idea: that of someone who does not finish finding his place. But in the end, as we all know, he did find it. With a Pedro Almodvar acting as the demigod of Bob Pop’s personal altar (and many others, myself included), Lost fagot Build one of the strangest, most endearing, and perfect television moments in recent years. It is the closing of a journey through the memory of a lucid and angry man, brave and calm, which in six episodes of half an hour has known how to communicate things that others would take months of footage: helplessness, freedom, hope, despair, fear and joy.

Have Lost fagot much liberating reckoning with memory. As Almodvar says in his final episode, when you write a story it already has a life of its own. Even if that story was yours before it was written. Your life. Lost fagot it is the life of Bob Pop and as such it is a delicate and uncomfortable artifact that, nevertheless, hardly weighs. The TNT series is also a vindication of the existence remembered as the only real possession of each one: it is the memory of my mother and I tell it as I want (that Candela Pea almost by John Waters), it is the memory of my father and I annul it. as I want (Carlos Bardem never showing his face to the camera) …

The narrative structure of Lost fagot it is scattered but solid. His concept, however, is much more complex. This is a series about being a fag but also about being fat, about being independent but also about needing others, about wanting to fit in and at the same time about rebelling against that impulse. We can only define the Bob Pop series, literally and figuratively, as the Bob Pop series. I do not know if an author is that, what I do know is that telling a life is not easy and Bob has told it wonderfully.

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