Spain has managed to qualify for the quarterfinals of Euro 2020 on Monday after beating Croatia in extra time in a match in which absolutely everything happened.

Luis Enrique’s team showed in this meeting that it is prepared to look at any team from you to you, something that was analyzed in depth in the Sanhedrin of ‘El Larguero’ after a historic day of football.

The keys and importance of the victory of Spain

Antonio Romero: “There are two key moments in the game. When we were able to get up ten minutes after Unai’s mistake, Sarabia’s equalizer before half-time was key, and then Morata’s goal that also came when we were on the canvas after we had been tied and we would have gone to extra time. “

Jesús Gallego: “Today is a historic day for football. But if we focus on Spain, we needed a game like that. The National Team needed it but the country also needed it. Football is based on results and the game, but football is mostly made up of emotions and vertigo. I think this match has reached the Spanish fans like no other, perhaps since the final in South Africa. We are only in the quarter-finals, but having done it that way, in a dramatic match in which Spain has been better, I think it serves to take a tremendous step forward in identity, in engaging with people and in recognition of what the National Team is “.

Antón Meana: “It is not bad that people get on when they feel like it or when they see the team play well, when you win … I think we have all felt it on the field, it is a day to reengage with the Spanish team. people are happy listening to the radio, and already many people are wondering what they have to do to be in Russia on Friday. “

Matallanas: “There is room on the boat that we can be champions, eh.”

Julio Pulido: “We all have this feeling because it has been a very exciting game, it has been epic. Many of us thought that before the first setback that the National Team had in a game, and in this we have had it twice, this team was going to be fragile, but there is a singularity of this team: the union that this group has around Luis Enrique. That communion that they have, which is incredible, I think it is very important for the remainder of the championship. Emotion and unity “.

Manu Carreño: “There is an image that I loved. Unai Simón was eating the jar when the first half was over and De Gea, substitute for the National Team, came to hug him and give him encouragement. That is what shows what what is this Selection “.

Marcos López: “This Spain represents what Luis Enrique is: stubborn, stubborn, fundamentalist, brave, daring … all those kinds of actions that he expects from a coach. He has made surprising decisions: he has charged Jordi Alba, he has bet for Azpilicueta in the third game … he intervened from the first moment until the fourth game “.

This game, a turning point

Manu Carreño: “I compare this game with Spain – Italy of the 2008 European Championship. It was the game that changed everything for Spain. Even in audience: neither the semi-final with Russia nor the final with Germany meant for the viewer and listeners what It happened with Italy. That day Spain changed. And this game, even if we win over Switzerland or later beyond, what happened tonight is a before and after for this Spanish team. “

Marcos López: “This game could end a generation of young players. And this is the game that allows this team to grow towards no one knows where. At the moment, a quarter-final of the European Championship.”

Jesús Gallego: “Until now there was no connection between the people and the National Team and I think this game will connect. The admiration caused by seeing an 18-year-old boy like Pedri play, flushed with fatigue in the 80th minute, has made us emotional to all”.

Julio Pulido: “We live in a country of extremes. We were at the extreme of disillusionment, of detachment … and this game is going to make all the fans go to the opposite extreme: to the illusion, of the future, of the hitch with this generation of footballers, to regain closeness with Luis Enrique … in a country of extremes we are going to go from the extreme of disappointment to maximum illusion “.

Antonio Romero: “I also have the feeling of having lived through a historic match. Looking to the future, selling this as the match of illusion is obvious, but I think selling this as an exaggerated success for entering the quarter-finals seems to me a bit unfair with Spanish football. It is true that we come from the moor, but qualifying for the quarterfinals was what the national team had to do, with Luis Enrique or with anyone “.

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