He underlines his “commitment” to continue using expressions such as “boy, girl, nie” because what “is not named does not exist”

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in the SenateMariscalEFE

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has expressed her “commitment” to continue using expressions such as “they, they, they” as a way of using “inclusive language” because, she has justified, “what is not named does not exist” . However, his argument has led to a total questioning of whether the masculine is used in Spanish as a neutral gender, as indicated by the academic guidelines, criticizing that this has a “political function”, which is to say that women are not worth it.

“The neutral male is political and has a very clear political function in society, which is to tell women from the time we are very small that we are not worth for important things, that we are not worth to be scientists, for doctors or doctors and we are it makes it invisible in education, in books, in all references, in the media, “explained the Minister of Equality in an interview in La Hora de la 1.

For all this, Montero has reaffirmed himself in the use he made with that “boy, girl, nie” or the “listened, listened, listened”. Because as Minister of Equality she wants to “send whenever she can” the message that non-binary people “exist”, that they do not feel completely male or female, and that their obligation is to protect their rights. Because the fact that they are a small group does not diminish that they have them.

The Ministry of Equality has recently taken that third ending in “e” to an official government poster, specifically the one that is being used to commemorate the celebration of Pride 2021 this Monday. Pride of all, all, all. For a feminist and diverse Spainsays the motto with which they want to vindicate the rights of LGTBI people.

With this gesture, the Ministry of Equality has wanted to focus on this edition of Pride in trans people, given that tomorrow, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers will present the trans law to the LGTBI collective as a great milestone, once Montero has won the game to Carmen Calvo after a long dispute over the so-called gender self-determination, which finally, as the minister fought, would be in the law. This preliminary draft has been merged into what was originally going to be a separate law for the LGTBI collective.

During the interview on public television, Montero has argued that changing the words with expressions such as “todes” serves “to modify habits or prejudices.” “It is not by chance that the masculine has been used as something neutral and women have claimed that language also speaks of us, if we contribute equally with men in essential tasks we have every right to be named and the same happens with the LGTBI collective, “he said.

Trans law, a “historic” milestone

Beyond language, Montero has highlighted the relevance that trans law will have in Spain and has described it as a “historic” milestone and a “giant step” in the rights of the LGTBI collective. Thus, it has been congratulated that gender self-determination is present in the law and that people who feel it can change gender without medical reports or having to be hormonalized.

Faced with criticism within the PSOE and in certain feminist groups, Montero has assured that the same thing will happen with the trans law as with the law that recognizes same-sex marriage, that “within a few years no one is going to recognize themselves by doubting or rejecting it. “

“It is a feminist law because it guarantees the rights of the LGTBI collective and, therefore, of many women,” he has settled in the face of criticism, stressing that it is a matter of human rights. “Either we all arrive or there will always be a risk of us going backwards,” he said.

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