All Halloween movies, in order from worst to best. Who does not listen to the original theme of John Carpenter upon hearing the word Halloween?

In 1978 horror movies took a new turn with this villain who originally stalks young people with a certain taste for drugs and sex. The first minutes of the original film are a success of the director, who decides to turn us into the same Michael Myers as a child by putting on a clown mask that he finds on the ground.

Despite its various failed movies at the box officeIt is a fact that this seemingly immortal assassin fascinates many with his mask and overalls. Unlike other horror movie villains, those who play Michael must rely on their bodily communication to bring the man behind the mask to life.

With a new saga on the horizon, Halloween is one of the horror franchises that continue to scare the history of cinema.

Halloween movies in order from worst to best.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

A Halloween movie without the man in gray overalls and white mask was not a good idea for the franchise. Halloween III: Season of the Witch it was an attempt by John Carpenter to film a different Halloween murder case. The case to be dealt with in this film is that of some Halloween masks that become popular among children, which were designed to sacrifice them and thus bring back the era of witchcraft.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

The seventh installment in the Halloween franchise takes place 20 years after the two original John Carpenter films. Now, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a mature woman who runs the school her son (Josh Hartnett) attends. In order not to be related to the events of years ago, Laurie feigns her death and assumes another life. This is not enough to stop Michael who again seeks to murder her along with her son.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

In order not to lose the custom of the time, Halloween: Resurrection uses a reality show as the setting for the new massacre of Michael Myers, who we thought was dead in the prequel (Halloween H20). The place to perform the show is nothing more and nothing less than the house in which Michael grew up to commit his first murder.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

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In order not to put coincidences aside, Michael returns for the fifth time in this sixth film, now to stalk Tommy Doyle, a character from the original 1978 film who lives in the childhood home of the masked murderer. As if that were not enough, it is in this film when we know the true reason for the immortality of Michael Myers.

Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

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The Myers’ family ties grow stronger in this fifth installment. After a year after the failed attempt to assassinate his niece, Michael returns to stalk her. However, the relationship between the two is becoming stronger as they have a metaphysical connection. For this film, Jamie is deaf-mute due to the trauma caused by being chased by Michael and by near-murder.

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Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

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Due to the failure of the third installment of the franchise (Halloween III: Season of the Witch) Carpenter decides to return Michael Myers to this series of films. For this occasion, Michael is determined to end the lineage of his sister, who had a daughter with Dr. Loomis before dying in an alleged car accident. Jamie, the daughter of Laurie and Loomis is a strange, seemingly innocent girl.

Halloween II (2009)

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The most mind-blowing of all the films in the franchise was directed by well-known heavy metal musician Rob Zombie. Like his music, his two Halloween movies tend to be violent. Unlike its first installment in 2007, Halloween II seeks to enter the mind of Laurie Strode who is traumatized by recent events. In this film we see many hallucinations on the part of the two main characters, Laurie and Michael.

Halloween (2007)

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The remake of the original John Carpenter film was directed by Rob Zombie. This new version of Halloween delves better into the mind of the villain, encompassing the reason why Michael Myers becomes this serial killer. In this tape we can see scenes from the years Myers spent locked up in a mental hospital. The above is based on some additional scenes Carpenter had to add for his Halloween adaptation from the big screen to television because of censorship policies, some murder scenes had to be removed.

Halloween 2 (1981)

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Due to the box office success it had Halloween, three years later it was released Halloween II, this time directed by Rick Rosenthal but with the script of Carpenter. Keeping the style of the first, Halloween II begins with the end of its successor when Laurie Strode is transferred to a hospital followed by Michael Myers. This is when Laurie finally learns of her relationship with the villain in the mask and knife.

Halloween (2018)

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40 years after his confrontation with Laurie Strode, Michael Myers returns once again to scare us, this time in a more graphic and bloody way but always maintaining the essence of the original film. This new film asks us to forget about all the sequels and versions made after the original Halloween of 1978. It is a clean slate to be able to do justice to John Carpenter’s horror work and his unforgettable expressionless mask character, Michael Myers .

Halloween (1978)

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By placing Halloween movies in order from worst to best, only one could be at number 1. Considered a movie with aesthetic, cultural and historical significance, Halloween It is a classic of horror movies. At the beginning of this first installment, John Carpenter makes use of the subjective camera, making us viewers see through the eyes of Michael Myers committing his first murder. Another element to highlight is the music, performed by the same director, which despite having only a few notes, can make our skin crawl. In addition, this tape marked for Jamie Lee Curtis his debut on the big screen.

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