On May 28, Yana Poplavskaya turns 54, and her current chosen one celebrated her 39th birthday a couple of weeks ago. The 15-year age difference does not bother either the couple or those around them: the artist deserved happiness after the trials she faced in her marriage with Sergei Ginzburg.

For a quarter of a century, the director was the husband of the actress, but only the first 10 years she could call ideal. How did Ginzburg disappoint the Soviet “Little Red Riding Hood” and why did she delay the inevitable divorce for so long?

The path to the cinema

Yana was born into the family of a theater actress and journalist. From the age of four, a stepfather appeared in the girl’s life, the second director of Taganka, Vladimir Alexandrov, but the strict mother was mainly involved in raising the child. Tough rules reigned in the family, there was even the concept of a “curfew”. But it was Evgenia Yuryevna who made her daughter a workaholic and a purposeful person, for which she was very grateful.

In a long-time interview, Poplavskaya said that her parents did not see her as an actress. The girl dreamed of becoming a surgeon, like a grandmother, and once she even sewed an ear bitten off by a cat to a hamster herself. However, this did not prevent Yuri Lyubimov from introducing Yana into the play “Crossroads”, where her mother shone.

In fact, even before entering school, Poplavskaya’s name appeared in the Mosfilm card index. The girl had a non-standard and memorable appearance, for which her peers teased her. Moreover, even my mother joked that Yana was so ugly that she would have to give a large dowry for her, just to get married. Despite this assessment, at 11, the young artist received two interesting job offers at once.

Yana was preparing to fly to America to shoot “Sea Puppy”, when she was suddenly invited to the tape “About Little Red Riding Hood.” Evgenia Yurievna reasoned that the main role in a musical fairy tale could turn out to be fateful, and she made the right decision: the film made the girl famous throughout the Soviet Union, thousands of letters from boys in love were delivered to the film studio.

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Poplavskaya continued to act and appeared in the films “Vanity of Vanities” and “Vassa” before she entered the Shchukin School. Then there were “The Prisoner of the Castle of If” and “The Secret of Queen Anne, or The Musketeers Thirty Years Later”, followed by a break in her film career for almost 10 years: Yana switched to television after her husband.

Ideal relationship

Mom played a big role not only in her career, but also in Poplavskaya’s personal life, in fact, introducing her to her future husband. When Yana was in her first year of university, Vladimir Alexandrov was already working in the children’s editorial office of the Central Television, so he asked his stepdaughter to play in the video for the Alarm Clock program. According to the script, her husband was supposed to be portrayed by Valery Storozhik, but the actor suddenly fell ill, and the girl was left without a partner. Then Evgenia Yurievna went to look for a suitable candidate throughout Ostankino and found Sergei Ginzburg in one of the studios.

“Probably, if I had met Sergei under different circumstances, I would hardly have paid attention to him. After the film “About Little Red Riding Hood”, a good half of the country’s male population fell in love with me. She received letters in bags. I had a young man, the son of a diplomat. My parents really liked him. Mom, one might say, ruined everything herself when she brought Ginzburg to the studio and uttered the prophetic words: “Yana, meet me, this is your husband. Sergei, this is your wife. ” I looked at my on-screen husband, and something skipped a beat inside, ”the actress recalled.

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At first, she still treated the man with coolness, although she went on dates with him. A sharp turn in the relationship took place when Yana saw Sergei on the stage of the theater, where he played a crazy poet. The girl looked at the fan with different eyes and fell in love.

“I was delighted and presented with a bouquet of snow-white peonies. Seryozha was moved. This is how our romance began. Soon we began to live together, but officially got married when our son Klim was three years old. I did not attach much importance to the stamp in my passport, and Seryozha could not get a divorce for a long time. Before me, he managed to get married and become a father, which I did not immediately find out about. My conscience was clear, I did not take Sergei away from the family. By the time we started dating, he no longer lived with Lika Mansurova and tiny Yegor, ”Yana explained.

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The first 10 years with my husband seemed like a paradise to Poplav, the picture of family happiness was not overshadowed by the fact that at first Ginzburg earned a little, or living in a modest “odnushka”. The only thing that annoyed was the unfounded jealousy of the spouse, but Yana turned a blind eye to this lack.

End of the tale

The first alarm bell sounded because of the situation with Yegor: Lika Mansurova did not take care of the boy, and Yana willingly accepted him into the family and raised him on a par with Klim. The actress constantly told her husband that it was time to formalize sole custody of the boy, but she heard excuses in response. Once Lika stole a child and did everything to turn him against her stepmother and father. Poplavskaya was terribly worried, but Ginzburg, in her opinion, behaved extremely calmly and indifferently.

The indifference was fully manifested when, in 1994, Yana lost her child at a late stage: sudden cardiac arrest. Two days before meeting with another gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis, Poplavskaya went crazy, feeling like a grave for an unborn girl … And Sergei did not even approach her: he left to fix the car, saying that it was easier to cope with emotions this way.

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The doctors said that Yana would no longer have children, but by some miracle a year later she became pregnant. The gynecologist assured that a woman would not be able to bear a child. To save the baby, the actress took hormonal drugs, because of which she gained 30 kilograms. “Sergei came one day and said:“ Look at yourself. What have you become? ” This, of course, was a shock, but after his words I went on a tough diet and lost a lot of weight, “the star admitted to Boris Korchevnikov in the program” The Fate of a Man “on the Russia 1 channel.

Son Nikita was born prematurely, with underdeveloped nails and unopened lungs, but most importantly, he survived. But the relationship of the spouses gradually died: Ginzburg disappeared at work, and Yana constantly nursed the child, then a default broke out, aggravating the material problems of the family. The climax was Sergei’s office romance on the set of the film “Fall Up” – the actress parted with her husband for nine months.

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A black streak came in life: Nikita broke his leg, Yana had an accident and crashed a car, and then fell ill with severe bronchitis. Upon learning of this, Ginzburg rushed to his wife and did everything to beg forgiveness with care and tenderness. The last straw was that the actress’s mother took the side of Sergei: they say, don’t cut it off, the children need a dad. And Poplavskaya gave up, giving the marriage another chance.

Bold point

The problems did not disappear, because Yana dragged the house on her, worked hard at work and at the same time solved her husband’s minor everyday problems. Ginzburg’s priority was his own career, he was upset by failures, plunging into depression, and triumphs turned him into an egocentric, fixated on his superiority, which turned out to be almost worse than periods of inactivity. At the same time, the man almost did not deal with children, which disappointed Poplavskaya most of all.

In the last years of marriage, she felt sympathy for her husband, not love, so the news of another betrayal of Ginzburg did not upset her, but on the contrary – gave hope for release. However, the husband did not let the actress go, so she eventually moved out of the apartment herself. When Sergey realized that this was the finale, he withdrew almost all the savings from the general account, although Yana hoped to spend the money on Nikita’s education.

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“Ginzburg had not only all our joint savings, but also a country house and an apartment that grandmother had promised to Klim. I, in fact, did not count on her, I thought Sergei would live there. And he sold this “odnushka” and bought himself a two-room apartment. Probably, I prepared and calculated everything perfectly. At first I was shocked, I could not believe that Seryozha had robbed us. Why did you work like an ox for so many years? To leave a “dowry” to your ex-husband? And he told everyone how bad I was, turned the children against him, and therefore, they say, the sons did not want to see him. Although the eldest was already 26, and the youngest was almost 15, and they themselves could figure everything out, ”Yana emphasized.

New love

The divorce hurt the actress, because the man with whom she lived for a quarter of a century betrayed her and left her with nothing. The crisis came in her career as well: Radio City FM, where she worked for many years, practically ceased to exist, an important film project was frozen due to lack of funding, two entreprise fell apart, and the artist left her teaching position at the institute on her own. Friends wore Poplavskaya’s things to a commission shop, since she herself did not want to shine in public.

“I was left completely without money, but with a child who was still studying and could not work. Zeroed out. I had to get used to buckwheat, rice, cabbage cutlets and austerity, ”said the star.

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Soon the situation smoothed out: Yana began to be invited to other projects, moreover, a new lover appeared in her life. Radio host Yevgeny Yakovlev was 15 years younger than the actress, but surrounded her with such care as a woman never knew. If, in a marriage with Ginzburg, Poplavskaya had to play the role of a “thunder woman” pulling the family on herself, now Yakovlev solved all everyday issues, allowing the chosen one to remain tender and fragile.

Many times Eugene made Yana an offer, but only in 2019 did she agree. The lovers were going to get married in the spring of 2020, just in time for the end of the construction of a family house in the Moscow region, but the coronavirus pandemic ruined the plans and forced the celebration to be postponed. However, fans suspected that Yakovlev and Poplavskaya could secretly sign.

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Last year, “Little Red Riding Hood” became a grandmother for the first time: the eldest son Klim had a baby Ilariy. But about motherhood, despite the alliance with the young chosen one, Yana no longer thinks. According to the actress, three children from past marriages are enough for him and Eugene (Yakovlev has a daughter, Lisa – approx. “StarHita”) for two, and the prospect of being a 60-year-old mother does not appeal to the artist. Now is the time to live for yourself and enjoy a harmonious relationship.

“You are kind, smart, with a wonderful sense of humor, you have built a house, planted more than one tree, you have a wonderful daughter, golden hands that can do everything in the world: plan, saw, paint, grind, build, plant,” congratulated Yana Evgenia happy recent birthday. – You are a professional journalist and a very good spouse. This means that I got married of convenience. “

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