Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc left the Red Bull Ring a few hours after the Styrian Grand Prix. The Monegasque had a ball in his hands. “Come on, what’s the car?” “Where is the baby”? the two pilots asked as they left behind the entrance winches of the circuit. They were looking for his car for private use. Those who represent manufacturers usually have frames from their brands. Others have to settle for rental cars. Of course, this is not the case for two Ferrari drivers. “That yellow one” pointed out Leclerc. “The yellow baby ”, endorsed the Spanish. A brand new Ferrari Roma awaited them. “Go!” the Spanish said “To the beach!” answered the Monegasque as they entered their mount. The privileges and status of representing the most charismatic brand in the world.

“I am very proud of the drivers, both for their work together and with the team, and on the track,” Mattia Binotto told the press a little earlier. Certainly the two Scuderia drivers are the most consistent on the grid. They also maintain a good personal relationship, palpable in their public appearances together. A separate issue is that unknown dynamics towards the outside, when both keep an eye on each other to fight whenever possible. With some ‘bitch’ than another between them, as in those qualifying training sessions where both had serious options. But Sainz and Leclerc are running sporty and personally at Ferrari. Mattia Binotto’s number one goal when he signed the Spaniard. No bad stuff from the past among its pilots.

The two of them got into the Ferrari Roma and left the circuit together. Ferrari recorded the conversation in a video, in which they discussed together their particular vision of the race and some other additional reflection that had not come up with the media. “So tonight we have a barbecue” Sainz asked Leclerc. “With the whole team”, replied the Monegasque … Sainz opened fire: “It was a decent day at the office …”.

“We were flying”

“For me it was good from the first lap up front, and then our pace was really strong,” continued Leclerc, referring to his incident with Pierre Gasly and the magnificent comeback that took him to seventh position afterwards. It was Sainz’s turn. “For me it was more on lap 28, everyone went into the pits and suddenly, colleague, with clean air, we were flying “. “We were flying,” replied Leclerc, confirming that the SF21 had become the Red Bull Ring. “I just took a look at the (race) pace, and it’s sooo great to see …” “I don’t think I looked at the mirrors the whole race, it was just attacking, overtaking, attacking, overtaking …”Sainz resumed his sensations. “For me it was a question of managing the rhythm. And when I was in clean air, the car could breathe, the tire could breathe … It was magnificent to pull hard, the tire held, the car held … ”They both shared the same sensations from different strategies and positions.

At the post-race press conference Sainz showed the serious gesture despite his comeback. Later it would be known, he was upset with the missed opportunity to catch up with Lando Norris, not because of a bent or a driver with a worse car, but because of a Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton himself. “We were the fastest in the middle of the grid today,” said Sainz. “Sure, by a large margin,” Leclerc answered. The Spaniard referred him to the Hamilton issue that, he thought, could have been resolved faster, and that was done with an on-the-fly management between the managers of both teams. “At a certain point we were close to the leaders with the rhythm, I was even able to unfold.” “Did you do it?” Asked a surprised Monegasque, unaware of that circumstance “Yes, Leclerc: it’s good to see a race with such a good pace”.

“Formula 1 is very strange”

Sainz took advantage of the topic to reflect on the unique nature of Formula 1, which continues to surprise even its protagonists. “We both went backwards last week and in a week we have gone from going backwards and always looking in the rear-view mirrors to going forward, only forward,” he explained, comparing the races at Paul Ricard and the recent one at the Red Bull Ring. . “Formula 1 is strange, you have a bad weekend, obviously we did our homework, but a week later it is completely the opposite. “Yes, it is,” Leclerc repeated. “It is what is cool about this sport, that everything changes super quickly in a very short time,” concluded the Spaniard

At the exit of the circuit the fans were waiting, and the two pilots waved through the windows. “Go right, this way, it’s faster.” “I don’t agree, because you don’t attack anymore….”, joked the Spanish in reference to the performance of the Monegasque a few hours before. “You have to agree, because I respect all speed limits,” Leclerc replied with a laugh. Then, they become aware of the car in hand. Among other things, because they also promote it with its use. “This car is very good. With this car you don’t feel the speed, everything is so well balanced, that on the highway, it’s a Ferrari, but it has a particularly good feeling, I don’t know what it is. “I love the interior,” Leclerc answers as he looks around. Sainz points him toward his right door. “There you have your personal radio, the air conditioning… Sainz points out to Leclerc. Spanish indicates a station that is already located for the music. The Monegasque begins to sing along to the song that appears, but quickly decides that it is not a good idea.

“I was feeling a bit of a hero”

After the optimistic impressions on the last race, the hopes for the next one, this Sunday. “Hopefully next week we can have better training sessions for both of us,” says Leclerc, to which Sainz interrupts with a lower tone: “Particularly me …”. “Well no, me too”, Leclerc replied, “and hopefully we can maintain the race pace that we have had here and have a good result but… I think it’s going to rain”, points out the Monegasque on one of the recurring themes throughout the weekend. “Do you think it’s going to rain?” asks the Spaniard. “Today it was going to rain, and it hasn’t rained in one of the sessions. My weather forecast told me it was going to rain every day. ” “And it has not rained, so it will have to rain next weekend” answered Sainz.

“So we will try to make qualifying a little better, have the same race pace, and keep pushing the McLarens. They are very consistent ”, says Carlos, “yes they are”, the Monegasque concludes. Shortly before, Mattia Binotto acknowledged that the future work that Ferrari is developing at the moment is a greater objective than the third place in conflict with McLaren. It was hard to believe him.

“Now we should speak in Italian” changes the third Leclerc. Again, a summary of the above in fluent Italian. Carlos Sainz added a new detail of the race. “The machine, when braking, felt very strong” Sainz explained enthusiastically. “Tea you felt a bit like a hero … “ Charles Leclerc answered him with a laugh, aboard his street Ferrari, waiting in a few days for another hectic race with the fastest machines on the planet, admired everywhere, dressed in Ferrari red …

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