It all depends on the education from all the fields that each person receives. And of the society in which you live. That’s why there are young people that begins to not be accepted as it is from a young age. This is what happened to Cara Delevingne regarding her sexuality, as she has recently explained in a podcast in which he has intervened.

The 28-year-old model, who has openly recognized herself as pansexual (although many people through social networks have tried to make her see that this name is transphobic), has made it explicit about her childhood and adolescence, when sexual identity was almost a taboo subject and, since she grew up in a conservative and traditional way both at home and at school, I was ashamed to be the way it really is.

Delevingne knew from a young age that she was going outside the established norm and has put into words that hatred that she came to feel for herself. “Honestly, during that part of my life I thought being gay was mental illness. I believed that I was sick, that something strange and bad existed within me because I was different. And the same thing happens with depression, a I do not know what with which I could not deal emotionally due to the stigma it entails, “he said in his statements to the program Make It Reign.

The London model, on the occasion of the LGBT Pride Day, which is celebrated this Monday, June 28, has wanted to focus on the importance of early awareness to avoid precisely that depression that she later suffered: “You have to learn that nothing happens to feel like this, that happens to everyone at some point in their life. It gives me the feeling that being able to talk about it without shame is what has given me the right tools to deal with it, that has helped me find people to help me. “

For the actress, it is obvious that all these “insecurities” that she has had, both about her sexuality and about her physical appearance, come from that vital dissatisfaction, which in turn derives from a sexual condition that has not been until relatively recently that she has been able to live fully and without thinking about what was sentenced as a sin as a child.

“The road I have walked has been too long, I have been struggling with all this since I was a child,” Delevingne said of her depression and her abuse of drugs and alcohol, “and I think this comes from both trauma as well as the addictions that have also manifested in my family. There are so many reasons that led me to shut my mouth instead of saying, ‘I’m sick, I need help.’

Recently, Delevingne, who already at the time explained that he contemplated suicide as an option, commented in the magazine Paper Magazine how much he suffered for not fitting into the parameters of heteronormativity and that for this reason he believes that “Pride is accepting every day” where he is.

“In the sense that I am proud of what I feel at the moment. Growing up I never felt much pride, I was very scared. I was scared. I was hiding. I think many other people in the community know what it is like to have to hide part of yourself So being proud is, really, feeling free to shout from the rooftops: ‘this is me, either you accept it or you go’. I love myself and there is nothing anyone can do to change it. I feel very inspiring and something that I wish I had as a teenager, but it helps me a lot to see that young people can now do it, “he said.


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