The Spanish vaccination campaign focuses on the youngest age groups, those who tend to register the most side effects, and towards a time of year, summer, where the lifestyle is different from the rest. Thus, it is worth remembering what can be done and avoided after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

Can I drink alcohol after receiving the vaccine?

The developers of the vaccines approved in Europe have not made any specific recommendations because the trial participants did not consider alcohol consumption, and the findings did not mention that people had problems after drinking. “There is no evidence that alcohol reduces antibody formation,” says Richard Watkins, infectious disease physician and professor of internal medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University.

However, Sheena Cruickshank, professor and immunologist at the University of Manchester, explained to the medium HuffPost that when alcohol is drunk the night before or a few days after, the immune system is not fully functional, which could harm the ultimate goal of vaccination. A conclusion also reached by Ronx Ikharia, specialist in emergency medicine, in the BBC documentary entitled The Truth About Strengthening Your Immune System.

The Spanish Society of Immunology, for its part, recalls that the consumption of distilled alcohols and drugs has an immunosuppressive effect, with mechanisms very similar to those that occur in situations of depression or stress. “Until recently it was indicated that the moderate intake of wine or beer could be ‘immune healthy’. We must here deny it and distinguish that a pleasure during a meal should not be identified as healthy: that it does not negatively affect the immune system is not synonymous with health (there are many very harmful side effects), “explains the organization.

Thus, the conclusion is that alcohol is a substance that, when consumed in excess, affects the immune system, which is responsible for generating defenses against the Covid-19 virus. However, moderate consumption, such as a cane to celebrate immunization, has not been shown to be contraindicated.

Can I play sports after receiving the vaccine?

The SUMMA coordinator at the Wizink Center vaccination center (Madrid), Raquel Jiménez, shared the program with him It’s already noon some tips on style that should be followed after receiving the dose for the process to be ideal. Thus, he advised against the consumption of alcohol, and not any sports practice or effort the next eight hours.

“Before vaccination there are no contraindications, a normal life must be carried out and afterwards, one must wait about eight hours to ensure that there are no side effects before making efforts and being able to begin to lead a normal life,” he explained. In this sense, the utility also recommended not having sex during the same period of time.

Can I go to the beach or pool to sunbathe?

The other recommendation that the SUMMA coordinator explained is about the current year’s season. Thus, many of those vaccinated ask if they can go to the beach or the pool after receiving the vaccine. Thus, Raquel Jiménez, indicates that it is not “contraindicated” to go to the beach or the pool, nor to bathe, but warns that “it is not advisable to expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours”. “The sun is not indicated after receiving the vaccine,” he said.

What to do before receiving a Covid-19 vaccine

The United Nations Children’s Fund or Unicef ​​has developed a decalogue of tips and lifestyle recommendations to ensure a vaccination process that is as comfortable and safe as possible.

1. Get a good night’s sleep and stay hydrated

2. Wear the mask and respect the distance

3. Communication: It is advisable to inform the healthcare professional of any illness or condition that may require additional precautions.

4. Keep the vaccination record.

5. Wait 15 minutes for possible immediate adverse reactions

6. Side effects of vaccines: Unicef ​​explains that it would be necessary to go to the doctor if these side effects or others persist three days after vaccination.

7. Wait 15 days to achieve immunity

8. Those vaccinated must continue to respect containment measures

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