It matters little that Loki be the series of the moment on Disney Plus. Recently someone somewhere decided to see WandaVision for the umpteenth time and discovered that post-credit scene of the final episode had been modified. At first glance it does not seem to be anything substantial, but in the eyes of the most inveterate fans, those subtle changes offer a completely different meaning (specifically, they would be pointing to a cameo that everyone dreamed of). Some would call it “seeing what one wants to see,” but in the end, it is supported by innumerable theories of fandom, that although they could not be further from the truth, it is always fun to meet them.

Old-fashioned “find the differences,” watch below for a comparative clip of how Marvel got their hands on the final sequence of the Scarlet Witch solo series. And draw your own conclusions.

According to what was reported by ComicBook, it is unknown when and why the post-credit scene of WandaVision it underwent such a low-key appearance update. As you may have noticed from the tweet above, the shots are exactly the same, with only two notable divergences, in addition to slight color variations. First, in the “corrected” sequence, there is a greater abundance of trees around the cabin inhabited by Wanda. And second, the light reflections on the camera lens during its journey —before reaching the heroine— are different for each version. But they didn’t have the sharp gaze of some netizens!

In the previous video, a user shares the detail of an inexplicable “stain” that seems to be descending towards the Scarlet Witch’s refuge. It would be a barely added element to the new post-credits scene, but why would Marvel have wanted it that way? A rumor immediately circulated that this indefinite silhouette was that of Doctor Strange, who through his astral form, would be about to establish communication with Wanda Maximoff. Let us remember that both characters will fight side by side in the upcoming sequel to the Supreme Sorcerer; Thus, the hope long prevailed that Benedict Cumberbatch would have a cameo in WandaVision, although in the end it was not.

“Some people might say, ‘Oh, it would have been great to see Doctor Strange.’ But this would have taken the attention away from Wanda, which is what we did not want to do, “he explained. Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios, a few weeks ago. «We did not want the end of WandaVision it became a staple for the next movie. “

How will the executive feel when he knows that attention is now falling on an enigmatic stain? Far from thinking about Strange or even Mephisto – another big favorite of amateur theorists – a Reddit user found that it was simply a mistake in the editing of the lighting effect, present in all the frames of the updated post-credit scene (via Games Radar).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, directed by Sam Raimi, is currently in post-production. It plans to hit theaters on March 25, 2022. Excited?

Antonio G. Spinola I have very bad memory. Out of solidarity with my memories, I choose to lose myself too. Preferably in a movie theater.

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