And yet, little did we know that all it took to fight such an unsurvivable blasting power was a magical tomahawk-style axe.

The Guy Tracking John Wick’s Kill Count (And More)

There are John Wick fans, and then there are John Wick fans who have a website dedicated to the man who just wanted to be left alone with his pup. As of this writing, with three Wick movies in and the fourth (hopefully) not far off, the character has slaughtered a total of 299 people on screen. That’s more than the combined total of Jason Voorhees in all 12 of the Friday the 13th movies AND Michael Myers in all 13 of the

Halloween movies.

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The Kill Count Crossover, coming April 2022 by a fanfic blog.

Internet user George Hatzis created a website to break down and showcase all of Wick’s kills, from weapons used to shots taken to accuracy levels in all three movies. For instance, most of Wick’s kills happened in John Wick: Chapter 2 with a total count of 128 people. In John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, a Glock 34 proved the most lethal weapon and, on the more hilarious side, there were more kills by horses than there were by a Remington rifle or even an axe. (Note: Magical axes have yet to appear in the franchise.)

The third movie has the highest shooting accuracy score at 88%, and there’s an additional breakdown showing just how badass Halle Berry’s character Sofia is.

George Hatzis

To think, none of these kills would’ve happened if everyone would just stop shooting dogs.

The site shows breakdowns of every fight scene, every weapon used during those fights, and the fatality of those weapons. It’s as impressive as it is just a tiny bit alarming. We’re just saying we’d rather watch Brad Pitt eat. For academic purposes, of course.

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