With the presentation of Windows 11 last week, Microsoft announced the minimum requirements to install the new system. They are quite demanding requirements, to the point that the Surface Studio 2 launched in 2018 will not support Windows 11. This is in contrast to macOS Monterey, which can be installed on a 2013 Mac Pro.

A significant difference in years that highlights the cut what has Microsoft had to do for your new operating system. Although for now you have to wait for its final release and the requirements may change when that time comes.

The demanding requirements of Windows 11

The minimum requirements for Windows 11 are quite high. To begin with, we are going to need a processor with two or more cores and a frequency of 1GHz or higher. In addition, it must be a 64-bit CPU. The minimum of RAM memory required is 4GB and a storage space of 64GB for the installation. The graphics card must support DirectX 12 and have a WDDM 2.0 driver. The supported displays will have a minimum of 9 inches, 720p resolution and 8 bits of colors. So far, the requirements are nothing to write home about.

Where it gets complicated is in the requirement of TPM 2.0 secure platform module. UEFI compatible with Secure Boot is also required. And as a general rule, the supported CPUs are only from the eighth generation of Intel (in the case of Intel processors, because AMD and Qualcomm also support it). All of this severely restricts Windows 11 compatibility.

Surface Studio 2

Microsoft is going to generate a huge amount of electronic waste due to the strict requirements of Windows 11

This leaves out teams like the Surface Studio, presented at the end of 2016 with great repercussion among the followers of the technology. Although it is not the most striking case. In fact, Surface Studio 2 released in 2018 also loses support, judging by the list of Surface devices that will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 (only 13 of the 25 released so far are supported). A team that in its basic model costs 4,149 euros.

The 2013 Mac Pro compatible with macOS Monterey

Mac Pro 2013Mac Pro 2013

All this matter contrasts with the presentation of the next generation of macOS announced at the last WWDC. macOS Monterey will support computers such as the Mac Pro, released in 2013. It’s true that macOS Monterey-compatible Macs revolve around 2015, leaving 2014 and earlier iMac models off the list. But they are not brutal like Windows 11.

Specifically, the 2013 Mac Pro is the tube-shaped model whose starting price was 3,049 euros. Subsequently, Apple had to deny your design and recognize that it had hit a dead end in thermal dissipation. However, Apple has continued to update and support software for this venerable team. As proof of this, the 2013 Mac Pro is among the computers supported by macOS Monterey.

Mac Pro: when form doesn't follow function

Going back to Windows 11 and strict support for teams, there is still time for the Redmond to make modifications. The buzz it is causing among the public is quite significant and perhaps a way will be found to lower the requirements.

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