Embarrassment, discouragement and more reasons for citizen disaffection with the political class for the unfortunate spectacle on Sunday inside and outside the Congress. The unit with the victims of terrorism was blown to pieces on the day of “June 27” (ETA’s first murder in 1960, a 22-month-old girl), dedicated to his memory for ten years on the joint initiative of all the associations.

In addition to the division between the main associations (one inside and three outside), the institutional tribute, in the absence of the PP and Vox, became a major political gap between the ruling party and the one that aspires to govern. This time, due to the approach of ETA prisoners to the Basque Country and the alleged political complicity of the Government with Collect.

Encouraged by the polls, Pablo Casado it intends to capitalize electorally with the memory of the victims of Eta, as it has already been doing with the offended part of the ‘procés’. In both cases, he tries hasty routes to finish off Sánchez. In fact, the language of the parties to the right of the PSOE has been filled with appeals to the motion of censure, ballot boxes now or “resign, if you have some dignity left.”

Pablo Casado uses the memory of the ETA victims to end Sánchez

The method is similar. Married puts the Government on the side of those who offended society by whitening of Catalan secessionists and heirs of Basque terrorism, while he, as a candidate for the Moncloa, places himself on the side of the offended. And in my opinion he makes a mistake with his imposed aggressiveness in affairs of State.

The PP should not have excluded itself from the institutional act and, together with Vox, stay out with the three associations that also stood out (AVT, Covite and Dignidad y Justicia), while the official act sponsored by the Chamber itself took place in the hemicycle with the assistance of the deputies of Bildu. Having attended would not have prevented him in any way from continuing to reproach Sánchez to agree with those who do not condemn the 850 murders or collaborate in the clarification of 300 attacks pending resolution.

All of which said, it is unassailable truth that there is no good side and no side to the memory of the murders perpetrated in the name of the Basque homeland. As he PP like the PSOE, the right pillar and the left pillar of the centrality of the system, they celebrated and celebrate the defeat of Eta by the police forces in the name of the law. The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, made it very clear in his institutional speech. But his call for unity (“highlighting what unites us”) was a cry in the desert.

It betrays itself on the trail of blood and misery of terrorism

In addition to lamenting the spectacle of the division (“what is happening so that the unit has been broken?”), The president of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, Tomás Caballero (son of the councilor of UPN assassinated 23 years ago): “Those who took up the pistol will never be like those who were shot in the neck.”

Therefore, there is only one bad side. The one who betrays himself on the trail of blood and moral misery (Relay ‘Patria’, please) who left the terrorism of AND, who gave him cover and who even today justify that barbarism. There can be no equidistance between Bildu (at least, a part of that coalition) and the victims, between those who suffered terrorism and those who still excuse it. Voucher. Yes Married has reasons to throw that stone about the current government or the main party that supports it, could have expressed them without contributing to staging the political and associative rupture of the unity around the victims of terrorism.

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