“I’m afraid the worst will happen to my children,” that’s how anguished she expresses herself Sara de Santis, a young Italian woman who denounces what she considers a alleged abduction of his little ones Leonardo and Valerio, 6 and 4 years old, whom his father took a month ago to Rome, with a court order in his favor.

Sara fears that “what happened in Tenerife with Olivia and Anna could happen to her,” because “my ex-husband has not stopped threatening me since I asked for a divorce a year ago,” she says while holding little Rayco, from barely two months, as a result of his relationship with Máximo, with whom he has shared residence in Adeje for two years, where he registered his children, then with the father’s permission.

The young Italian moved to the Island in August 2019 after entering the Beer Spa Tenerife society, with the knowledge of Riccardo, her husband. In February 2020, he moved permanently to Adeje with his two children and registered them at Massimo’s home, with whom he was quarantined until he returned to Italy on May 14. Earlier, in March of that year, in a state of alarm, Sara told her husband that she was going to separate from him, despite the fact that he told her that he was going to buy a new house and a car for her. “Love is not paid for with money,” he replied.

“I understood,” he continues, “that the best thing was not to talk to him about separation, but to do a remote divorce. Riccardo already knew about my relationship with Massimo, but he was becoming more and more obsessed with me, ready to forgive everything. He insisted that the family does not touch each other, I do whatever you want, but don’t let me, ”also reminding him that he would never allow any trip to Tenerife. “I felt lost, chained, I was just thinking about how to get my life back,” says Sara between sobs.

On June 14, “I return to Tenerife, to Massimo’s house with my two children, because I thought about safeguarding the health of my children first and then mine.” That same day, he received threats from Riccardo, which were repeated on October 20, the day he filed a complaint with the Civil Guard regarding “domestic violence” for the crime of “degrading treatment or psychological abuse”, also providing a report doctor for anxiety and pain in the abdomen, reporting a one-month pregnancy, while the divorce he requested remains unprocessed, paralyzed in Italy.

Sara says that in July of last year “my mother told me that my husband and my in-laws went to her house to threaten me, that they want to crush my head like a snake, that they were going to make me suffer by taking my children. From that time on I began to have insomnia, anxieties, fears, I don’t feel safe, they said they were chasing me and they even got in touch with Massimo’s ex-girlfriend, paying him to follow us and take pictures of us ”.

Leonardo and Valerio are enrolled in the CEIP Los Olivos de Adeje and the father does not come to see them “not even at Christmas,” says Sara. However, on December 9, Riccardo files an international complaint in Italy for child abduction and in the February 22 trial they agree with him, considering that “the children must be in Italy”, and although Sara appealed, the May 28, Leonardo and Valerio’s father, shows up at the school, picks up the two little ones and takes them to Rome, without even waiting to finish the course. Since then, the only contact that Sara has with her children is through video calls, where “they tell me they want to come back with me,” while Riccardo insists: “It’s all your fault, you’re not going to have your children anymore.”

With grandparents

The children have been living in Rome for a month, in the house of their maternal grandparents, “two 70-year-olds who are not in a position to care for two little ones,” says their mother, who also remembers that six-year-old Leonardo “He is not a natural son of Riccardo, and yet he has given him his surname, with a false signature, which in Italy is punishable by two years in prison.”

Cited tomorrow in Court with the recordings of the threats

The Court of Violence against Women number 1 of Arona has summoned Sara de Santis tomorrow, in the open preliminary proceedings, as a complainant of threats by her ex-husband Riccardo Albertini, with the obligation to provide evidence of the calls, with an Italian translator, appearing with the devices on which the aforementioned threats were recorded. Sara comments that “I hope that these recordings with the messages serve to recover my children, and that Justice understands the danger posed by this man and the damage he is doing to my children and myself.”

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