In Spain, there are 4.5 million citizens over 40 who are still unvaccinated and just over 9.2 million in this age group with only one dose of the vaccines, so that more than 13.7 million inhabitants in this group does not yet have full protection against the advance of new variants of the coronavirus such as the delta.

The latest health vaccination data, published this Friday, show that, despite the advance of vaccination in Spain (with almost total coverage in those over 70 years of age), there are still pending vaccination or completion of the regimen millions of citizens over 40 years old.

Experts and epidemiologists have reiterated that the Vulnerability to the evolution of Covid-19 is greater in this band than in younger age groups and have warned about variants such as the delta.

According to various studies, such as that of Public Health in the United Kingdom, this variant has some escape from neutralizing antibodies at the experimental level and causes the efficacy of a single dose of vaccines to decrease.

The census to vaccinate in Spain of people over 40 years of age is 27,056,098 citizens, of which 22,541,668 (83.3%) have inoculated at least one dose.

This means that only 13,307,690, that is, 49.2% of the census, has immunity that provides the complete vaccine and 13.7 million inhabitants do not yet have the complete shield (9.2 million with first dose and 4.5 million without vaccination).

In the older stripes, as in the 70 to 79-year-olds, few people remain to complete the pattern. Somewhat more than 138,000, since there are 3,821,619 vaccinated older than a census of 3,960,045.

However, of 60 to 69 years have the complete guideline only 37%, that is 2,003,377 of citizens from a census of 5,336,986, so that just over 3.3 million people still do not have the protection of the complete vaccine.

This collective is further behind, Since it was vaccinated primarily with AstraZeneca, whose schedule between doses is about 12 weeks, although some communities have chosen to reduce this period to speed up immunization in the presence of the delta variant.

From 50 to 59 years, from a census made up of 7,033,306 inhabitants, there are 4,615,037 (65%) with vaccine immunityTherefore, around 2.4 million citizens in this age group are waiting to complete the vaccine or even receive their first dose.

From 40 to 49 years, whose mass vaccination was incorporated in all the communities a few weeks ago, are only 17.9% immunized, that is, 1,415,964 citizens, so that there are 3.2 million who have only been pricked with the first dose or have not yet received any serum.

Some communities vaccinate already in the age range 30 to 39, while other territories enter the group between 20 and 29 years old. Ceuta was the first territory to do so this week.

Health updated the vaccination strategy so that the citizens of 12 to 39 years can begin to be vaccinated for the summer and thus allows groups to overlap due to operational issues of each community.

In this way, 30 to 39 years there are 1,164,910 already with the complete vaccine, that is, 18.7%, and from 20 to 29 years another 587,324 are immunized, 11.9%.


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