Anyone knows that the Capitol on Capitol Hill in Washington is the building of the US Congress, but few know that its dome was copied from the dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral on the square of the same name in St. Petersburg. When designing the dome of the Capitol, the architect Thomas Walter did not accidentally use the drawings of Auguste Montferrand, the architect of the main cathedral of the Russian Empire. The dome of the temple tends to concentrate and transmit the energy accumulated under it, only the dome of St. Isaac’s is crowned with the Cross conveying the prayers of the worshipers to the Savior, and the dome of the Capitol is the Statue of Liberty, conveying to all the world the will of American congressmen …

“It’s not cold anymore, it’s warm, but it’s not hot yet”

To use the terminology of a well-known children’s game, I would give such an assessment to the annual report of the Prime Minister of Georgia to the parliament, although Garibashvili has been in this position for only four months, and he addressed the parliamentary majority (party members in Georgian Dream) and the population on TV screens … The opposition – several modifications of Saakashvili’s party and the “National Movement” itself – Garibashvili demonstratively ignored, called “they” and denounced incorrigible stupidity. However, not without reason: the opposition, obviously, “forgot” that Garibashvili had been the Minister of Internal Affairs before, and thought to “bombard” him with scandalous questions.

But, instead of the expected excuses, Garibashvili told everyone together and each separately that he knew everything about them, about all their sins and crimes. Maybe the uninitiated layman lacked specifics, but the well-informed public in each individual case was always clear what kind of compromising evidence the prime minister was hinting at. Garibashvili reminded the “out of control” opposition deputies about their far from childish games in the recent past, and thanks to him at least for the fact that “no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten” – in the opposite of the generally accepted meaning of these words!

“It’s warm, but not yet hot” – the same can be said about relations with Russia, where, according to Garibashvili himself, everything is very complicated so far. Georgia, they say, is not against the dialogue with Russia, but in conditions when the Russian military are stationed among the Ossetians and Abkhazians, one must be very careful with this dialogue so as not to harm oneself. For the same reason, it is very difficult today to talk about a direct dialogue with Ossetians and Abkhaz, therefore, they say, dialogue with Russia is still possible only within the framework of the Geneva and Prague talks. Although the Georgian prime minister is well aware that these formats are not enough, and for another format he does not have trusted and competent employees who would help him in preparing meetings in Moscow, Sukhumi and Tskhinvali.

The opposition of Saakashvili takes advantage of the absence of direct contacts between Tbilisi and Moscow at every opportunity. For example, Garibashvili assured that he was doing everything possible to release Gakheladze and other Georgian citizens from the Tskhinvali prison, but the opposition deliberately hinders him in this, provoking new incidents near the demarcation line. Among those detained by Russian border guards, in addition to lost peasants, there are provocateurs like Dr. Vazha, whose goal is to provoke a conflict between Georgian law enforcement officers and Russian border guards. Gaprindashvili and others like him act on the instructions of Saakashvili in a duet with the provocateur Katsarav, and at the trial in Tskhinvali they fully admit their guilt in crossing the “Georgian-Ossetian border.” “The Georgian opposition is preventing the Georgian authorities from releasing Georgian citizens!” – even in Tskhinvali they are surprised.

But the main thing is what the patrons of the Georgian opposition on Capitol Hill think – those who do not spare even their presidents … It is no secret to anyone in Georgia that over the past two weeks, American congressmen have been holding “brides” for the leaders of the new Georgian opposition coalition – Melia ot ” National Movement “, Gakharia” For Georgia “and Japaridze from” Lelo “, who flew to Washington together with Saakashvili.

How dangerous are these childish games for the current Georgian government, which, even in the words of the miraculously reincarnated Grigol Vashadze (more recently – the chairman of the National Movement and a presidential candidate, and today – an independent deputy), “is not pro-Russian”?

Look: Garibashvili is a specialist in international politics, educated in Tbilisi and the Sorbonne after the USSR and even after Shevardnadze. Fluent in foreign languages, a talented manager who made a dizzying career in the post-Soviet era, who is used to communicating with Western partners. How should he know how to talk to Russian politicians? And why would a successful 38-year-old prime minister look for problems on his own head ?! After all, the Capitol will pat you on the head for such initiatives! Remember – Garibashvili has already paid off with the post of prime minister when he insisted on introducing an article on marriage as a union of a man and a woman into the Georgian Constitution, and it remains to be seen how the Capitol will look at his speech in Parliament last Friday. And on the nose – “Tbilisi Pride”, that is – LGBT week from July 1 to 5, which non-traditional Georgians promise to end with a gay parade in the center of the capital. And if, damn it, someone interferes with this, then the capitolians will seriously ask Garibashvili!

Yes, Garibashvili and Putin are masters of martial arts and must understand each other, but will the former Georgian kickboxing champion Garibashvili meet with the 8th dan in judo and 9th dan in judo and 9th in taekwondo Putin? It is difficult to say so far: Garibashvili in Parliament has bluntly stated that he is consulting with NATO partners, and President Putin twice in the past two weeks (on June 11 in an interview with the American television company NBC and on June 22 in an article for the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit) stressed that the main problem between Russia and the West is breaking the promise (given to Shevardnadze and Gorbachev) not to expand NATO eastward.

“It was the bloc’s movement to the east, which began, by the way, with the fact that the Soviet leadership was actually persuaded to join the united Germany in NATO, that became the main reason for the rapid growth of mutual distrust in Europe. is not directed against you “that” the borders of the bloc will not approach you “- hastened to quickly forget. And a precedent has been created! And five more waves of NATO expansion have followed since 1999. The organization included 14 new countries, including the republics of the former Soviet Union, which actually buried hopes for a continent without dividing lines, “Putin writes in Die Zeit.

Now please tell me: aren’t the dividing lines on the Eurasian continent connected with the dividing lines in Georgia? They are connected, gentlemen, and for many reasons. First of all, I would like to note that today the subject of Putin’s concern is, first of all, Ukraine and Georgia, because Armenia, Azerbaijan, for obvious reasons, do not strive to join NATO, and there is nowhere to expand further to the East of NATO. The entry of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO will mean the encirclement of Russia from the west and south, but Putin will not allow a repetition of 1941 – it is no coincidence that his article was published on June 22, to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War! Putin will not repeat Gorbachev’s mistake with the GDR, which, having united with the FRG, became a NATO member …

But if you follow Putin’s logic, Georgia will open up new prospects for rapprochement with the European Union.

“Russia is one of the largest European states. And we feel our indissoluble cultural and historical connection with Europe. We are open to honest creative interaction. This confirms our idea of ​​creating a common space of cooperation and security from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, which would include different integration formats, including the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, “says Putin, who appeals in the categories not of the Black Sea regional, but of the pan-European continental security.

If, according to Putin, “Russia is one of the largest European states,” then in the Caucasus only Georgia considers itself a European state, shouldn’t this circumstance bring them closer together? I wonder what they think about this in the Capitol, the dome of which is copied from the dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral?

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