Pirated games are not always “free”. Sometimes they come with unpleasant surprise, which can affect the performance of the computer.

Hacking video games, or anything else, such as series, books, etc., raises an ethical question, which for millions of people does not exist. Getting the best video games completely free is too great a temptation for many gamers.

The problem is that many times when you download a pirated video game, you are downloading something else …

The antivirus signature Avast He has detected a dangerous malware called Crackonosh, which is hidden among pirated games, and installs a cryptocurrency miner, consuming computer resources while cybercriminals get hold of cryptocurrencies …

Its discovery was possible because Crackonos disables the antivirus that you have installed on your PC, so that it cannot be erased.

Avast claims that it has found it in tens of thousands of PCs, mainly from India, the United States and Brazil, but there are also hundreds in Spain. And it continues to grow, with 800 infections per day. That is only among those who have Avast antivirus, so surely its expansion is much greater.

Crackonosh hides between pirated video games that are distributed by P2P networks through BitTorrent, or in direct download. It has been found in titles such as GTA V, Far Cry 5, Los Sims 4, Jurassic World Evolution, and many more. Here is a list.

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When you install the game it installs cryptocurrency miner XMRig, which consumes PC resources by mining the Monero cryptocurrency while it is turned on, which makes the computer run slower.

Monero is usually the one of choice for these types of malware, because it is a more opaque cryptocurrency than Bitcoin and the like, by not making the transactions public.

Everyone talks about cryptocurrencies but … do they really contribute something, beyond their status as a commodity to speculate? Let’s see what they are used for.

According to Avast, these cybercriminals would have already collected more than 2 million dollars.

It is not an easy virus to remove, since you have to block executions in the Task Manager, and edit the Registry, among other things. Here it is explained step by step.

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