Carlos Ríos and Artesur come together to launch completely fresh gazpacho and salmorejo, made with ingredients one hundred percent natural for consumers committed to a healthy lifestyle based on real food.

The gazpacho and the salmorejo Realfooding de Artesur are made with natural fresh vegetables, from farmers and local and proximity suppliers, and extra virgin olive oil, without preservatives, without additives and without any type of heat treatment such as pasteurization.

The Cordovan brand Artesur, in this way, produces these gazpachos and salmorejos based on the traditional recipe and they can be purchased now in Alcampo, Carrefour, Alimerka, Supermarkets MAS, Cash Fresh, Super BM (UVESCO), FROIZ. For this release, in addition, Artesur has had the collaboration of the nutritionist Carlos Ríos, creator of the Realfooding movement. Thus, both have launched the first gazpacho and the first salmorejo 100% natural Realfooding.

Tomato selection process at the Artesur factory in Palma del Río, Córdoba.

These products are made with fresh vegetables originating from Andalusia and with extra virgin olive oil. They do not contain preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers and have not undergone any type of heat treatment or pasteurization. The result is very healthy products with high nutritional values.

The gazpacho and the Artesur salmorejo with the Realfooding seal are a clear commitment of the food company to offer rich and healthy products, with the highest quality, to consumers committed to a healthy diet.

Fernando Medina Gallego, Director of the Mass Consumption Division of MIGASA and the person in charge of the project at Artesur points out that they have “wanted to make this alliance with Carlos Ríos and Realfooding to make it possible, together, to make a really natural gazpacho and salmorejo made at home, achieving a taste and smell of fresh vegetables that make those consumers who are looking for a ready-to-eat gazpacho and salmorejo really enjoy themselves. Carlos has helped us achieve excellence ”.

For the launch of this product a great effort and investment has also been made in I+D in its Cordoba plant, to make the production process more environmentally responsible.

A Realfooding product

The Gazpacho and the salmorejo are products that are increasingly in demand in ready-to-eat formats. Community Realfooding, a movement that values ​​real food as the basis of a healthy and quality diet, had long been demanding a ready-to-eat gazpacho and salmorejo that were “real food”, really.

“We were destined to work together: our Gazpacho Y salmorejo They are really natural, with quality vegetables like those that consumers choose in the greengrocers, with the best extra virgin olive oil and packaged as we do in kitchens, without additives, without preservatives or thermal processes of any kind, such as pasteurization, which subtract sensory properties such as smell and taste. And the movement Realfooding, understands and values ​​precisely proposals like ours: real food, really, made with care and care, healthy, balanced and rich ”, he added Fernando Medina Gallego, responsible for this project at Artesur.


For its part, Carlos Rios, a renowned dietitian and nutritionist, creator of the movement Realfooding, a lifestyle that has been joined by hundreds of thousands of followers Through his social networks, he has recognized that he is “especially excited to launch our gazpacho and our salmorejo since they are products that I have been consuming all my life and that I always recommend to my community for their excellent nutritional values ​​and for being made only with vegetables fresh ”.

In addition, he says that “working with the team of Artesur It has been an enormous pleasure and we have formed a very powerful alliance. For me it is very important that, apart from the nutritional quality of the products we develop, other values ​​such as sustainability and proximity are taken into account ”.

“I can’t wait for realfooders to try these products and fall in love with them as much as I do. These products carry the guarantee seal of Realfooding which certifies that the product is well processed, made with good quality raw material and extra virgin olive oil ”, he added.

The first Realfooding gazpacho and salmorejo is on sale from June, 15 on Alcampo, Carrefour, Alimerka, MAS Supermarkets, Cash Fresh, Super BM (UVESCO) and FROIZ.

About Realfooding

Realfooding is a lifestyle based on eating real food and avoiding ultra-processed ones. It is a movement that defends the right to healthy food for the population, a revolution that fights with knowledge and awareness against the dark side of the food industry.

Carlos Ríos (Huelva, 1991) study Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the Pablo de Olavide University (Seville). His nonconformity and desire to promote a lifestyle based on healthy eating and exercise have made him one of the national references of the healthy lifestyle, more than two and a half million of followers who firmly believe in the values ​​promoted through Realfooding. His first book, ‘Eat Real Food’ (Planet, 2019) has sold more than 150,000 copies and has just published a second book, ‘Real Food Kitchen’ (Planet, 2020) which is in the fifth edition.

About Artesur and Migasa

Artesur It is a fresh and natural food brand project, the result of the business alliance of the Cordoba company Arteoliva and the Migasa Agrifood Group. Artesur wants to be, and is determined to be, a benchmark brand and specialist in the category of really fresh and natural gazpachos and salmorejos, assuming the effort and responsibility of the challenge.

For its part, Migasa is the first agri-food company in Andalusia by turnover volume and the main exporter of oil from Spain, with a global presence in more than 100 countries. This agri-food group headquartered in Dos Hermanas (Seville)Furthermore, it is a world leader in the oil sector. It was founded by Miguel Gallego Nunez picking up the family tradition of oil trading that dates back to the beginning of the last century.

This leadership is the fruit of the conviction, transmitted from its leaders, to achieve continuous improvement in all phases and activities that pursue the production of the best oil, as well as to offer an excellent service that meets the expectations of its customers.

Currently, it is the leading agri-food company in Andalusia by export volume, with a presence in more than 100 countries on five continents. With more than 60 years of presence in international markets, the company focuses its activity on the agri-food sector, through the production and marketing of olive oil, sunflower oil, olive-pomace oil, mayonnaise, sauces, tomatoes, canned vegetables , gazpacho, salmorejo, and all types of vegetable oils and fatty acids derived from the oil. Among the brands in its environment are Ybarra, La Masía, Musa, Mueloliva, Sandúa, Rafael Salgado, ArteOliva, Monterreal, ArteSur and Coimbra, among other.

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