Antonio David Flores this Sunday he has broken his silence after the broadcast of Rociíto’s documentary on Telecinco, and it has been done on a YouTube channel, interviewed by the ‘youtubers’ Javi Oliveira and JuanjoVlog.

“I have been ousted, I have been publicly fired, my life has been destroyed, a country has been publicly pointed out to me first, “said the television contributor in the interview.

“People have seen an absolute outrage, just as I get to call it media terrorism, media harassment, media lynching, “said Antonio David, who thanked all the support he has received from anonymous people.

“There were people who were seeing that behind all this public denunciation of gender violence there was a business, a personal revenge, an intention to destroy a family and a person, “said Rociíto’s ex-husband.

“I have had moments very bad, very difficult And those people have given me the strength to continue fighting, despite not having any desire, despite finding myself in a difficult moment, “said Antonio David.

Regarding the origin of the documentary, Antonio David said: “Both Rocío and Fidel had denounced directors of the TV Factory and journalists and collaborators, I don’t know how many demands they had made, but there was a lot. You realize that in the end, They use justice as a business, because with that judicial pressure on them, trying to muzzle them and restrict their freedom of expression, they end up negotiating the withdrawal of those demands for people who have violated their rights, their honor, privacy, you end up doing a millionaire business and withdraw those demands. It’s amazing. “

“I thought that television was where the truth was and that it made people have an opinion about one person or another, but I have realized that it is not true, the opinion of the people, of the town, the true one, is in the street, on social media. People have the freedom and the right to express themselves as they want and all those people have not bought the product they have wanted to sell, “he said.

“I am not an abuser, I have never abused a woman. How can you compare me to José Bretón, who is a murderer, a son of a bitch?”

“The TV Factory and Save me they have turned this into a judicial headquarters, with prosecutors and judges. One cannot skip the bullfight, for a business for money, the rights that each one of us has. All lines have been crossed. People have come to say: they have caused the opposite effect. If they have wanted to impose a single version, the people in their house have said, this is not the case, and they have caused the opposite effect. I appreciate the people who have said blackout to Save me and blackout to La Fábrica de la Tele, “he said.

“I will never work for La Fábrica de la Tele. Never. The damage that has been done to me is irreparable. The damage that has been done to my family has no name. They have provoked a hatred towards me and towards my family that I have suffered in my flesh. In what head can turn a person who has not even been tried for gender violence, guilty, who goes through his head that that machinery of La Fábrica de la Tele to more than 40 hours a week with the capacity to destroy a family, provoke that hatred to a family, to live it in my flesh with posters thrown: ‘Antonio David you are an abuser’, in the elevator of my house, “said the former Telecinco collaborator.

“I have a family, an 8-year-old daughter. Who repairs that. I am not an abuser, I have never abused a woman, never in my life. How can I be compared to José Bretón, who is a murderer, a son of a bitch? How can you compare me to Gimeno.? The only thing I have done has been to tuck my children, give them affection and give them an education. I would never hurt my children. Who restores that, in what way, “said Antonio David.

About his dismissal, he said that he found out on television: “I found out five minutes before all of you about the dismissal. Every day they send me the rundown, I have my AVE ticket from Malaga to Madrid, I go to work, my representative appears, He explains this situation to me and tells me that there is a problem, ‘I don’t know if you are coming today or tomorrow’. and I find myself being fired on television and I find out like all of you “.


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