10 proposals to binge on LGTBI series

Television series on payment platforms outnumber traditional media in diversity. This is what the Spanish LGTBIQ + collective believes and this is how Nielsen, a global firm specializing in the measurement and analysis of audiences, has collected it in the recently published report Nielsen Consumidor Digital LGTBIQ +: fairness in advertising and the media, developed in collaboration with Dynata. According to this study, an initiative whose objective is to give a voice to the LGTBIQ + community and make visible their perceptions and behaviors of the media and advertising, the content seen on platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Movistar +, Amazon Prime …) are in the ranked number two in the media ranking better treat diversity in their programming, only lower than what family and friends publish on social networks. Traditional TV ranks third in the pdium of the least inclusive (according to 35% of those surveyed).

We searched those platforms for 10 of the best series that can be seen now that deal with issues of diversity and inclusion, taking advantage of the celebration of International Pride Day.

Feel Good

The Bafta TV award-nominated British comedy was rated one of the best LGBTI series in 2020, the year of its premiere. In only two seasons, and 26-minute chapters, it tells the story of Mae, a lesbian woman with addiction problems, who begins an intense relationship with George, a girl who has only dated men and decides to hide it from her friends. On Netflix.


Set in the 1980s and 1990s, this American drama deals with the LGBTQ + and gender nonconformist African American and Latino cultural scene in New York City at the time. The third and final season has just premiered. AIDS, the world underground of dancers, models, dominatrixes and strippers are the theme of this American show. On HBO.


Grace and Frankie

This Emmy-nominated comic series starring Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen has been running for six seasons. The lives of Grace and the eccentric Frankie take a 180-degree turn when their respective husbands, partners in a successful San Diego divorce law firm, announce that they are gay, that they are in love with each other, and that they want to get married. . On Netflix.

A Very English Scandal

This three-chapter British BBC miniseries, starring Hugh Grant, deals with the true story of Jeremy Thorp, the young head of the British Liberal Party and the country’s first politician to be prosecuted for attempted murder. At the end of the 1960s, after homosexuality was decriminalized, this man’s career was threatened after his relationship with another man, Norman Scott, until then secretly led, came to light. On Prime Video.


This LGBT-themed American television series recounts the experiences of a group of gay friends residing in San Francisco. Their stories intertwine dramatically as they seek happiness and intimacy in the current era, full of options and rights for the homosexual community. On HBO.


Created by and starring Ryan O’Connell, this American comedy is based on the author’s personal story and memoirs titled: I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves (2015). Ryan is gay, has cerebral palsy and wants to start over with the hope of leading the life he has always wanted. They premiere in 2019 and have two seasons. On Netflix.

Gentleman Jack

Period miniseries set in Yorkshire in 1832 based on the story of the English landowner Anne Lister (1791-1840) from her own diaries, discovered and deciphered (code the most personal subjects) long after her death. The eight episodes focus on the life of this adventurous woman who breaks with the canons of the strict English society of the early 19th century who was known as the first modern lesbian. He got to marry a woman. On HBO.



Netflix’s teen freak has just premiered its fourth season. The series, which starts when three working-class youths enroll in an exclusive private institute, delves into the relationships of its characters, including the romance between Omar and Ander, and the freedom with which they live their sexuality. On Netflix.


Five seasons and numerous Emmy and Golden Globes endorse the success of this comedy-drama about the misadventures of the Pfeffermans, a wealthy Jewish family from Los Angeles. One fine day, the recently retired father of the clan tells his three grown children that he feels like a woman, that he has changed his name to Maura and that, from that moment on, he will dress like a woman. On Prime Video.

Sex Education

The subject of sex seen from the adolescent perspective: Otis’s mother is a sexologist, so a friend encourages her to open a sex office to counsel her high school classmates. There are tips for everyone and especially for the LGTB + collective. On Netflix

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