"The Delta variant will inevitably arrive in the country"

The Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, said this Saturday that the Delta variant of the coronavirus “will inevitably arrive” in Argentina in the coming months and that is why the Government continues to take measures to “delay that arrival and advance with great speed in the vaccination campaign “against the virus.

“It is projected that the Delta variant will be prevalent in Europe by the end of August and will inevitably be arriving in our country,” said Cafiero.

The official said that that is why the Government continues “to take measures to delay their arrival and advance with great speed in the vaccination campaign, redoubling efforts with the new contracts that are being closed” with the different laboratories.

In this framework, the Government made official this Saturday the extension of the closure of borders to tourism until July 9 and the quota of 600 daily passengers to enter the country, within the framework of the health emergency that governs because of the pandemic.

This was provided by Administrative Decision 643/2021, published in the Official Gazette, which is signed by Cafiero; the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro and of Health, Carla Vizzotti.

The regulations establish that “flights from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Chile, Brazil, India, African countries and Turkey continue to be suspended.”

The provision indicates that the National Civil Aviation Administration, “will have a daily quota of 600 seats on passenger flights for re-entry into the national territory of Argentines, Argentines and residents who are abroad.”

All the measures were arranged to lower the risk of coronavirus infections and prevent the entry of variants that do not register community circulation in the country, such as the Delta variant, whose response to “the effectiveness of the vaccines is unknown,” according to the recitals. of the layout.

“In the current epidemiological context, the risk of introducing new, even more transmissible variants could generate a sharp and high increase in cases, which would inevitably lead to higher mortality,” he adds.

“Today’s border controls are from international flights where the person who is coming has to have a negative PCR test to be able to get on the plane and when he arrives at the Ezeiza Airport they do another test that has to give him negative. Then, they have to do a mandatory seven-day isolation at their home or in the place established by the jurisdiction of residence, ”explained Cafiero.

In that sense, he stressed that “it is necessary for jurisdictions to accentuate controls” and recalled that “failure to comply with these rules is punishable by law and the corresponding complaints will be made.”

On the other hand, he confirmed that “vaccines do not expire” and pointed out that “what the booster does is finish the immunization cycle and naturally that having two doses is better than having one, but it is not that someone is not protected because they are on day 91, that’s not real. “

Regarding the number of people who have already passed the three months of the first immunization with the Spuntik V vaccine, the Chief of Staff pointed out that “there are approximately 400 thousand.”

“We are working so that these vaccination cycles of both Sputnik and other vaccines can be closed,” said Cafiero, who recalled that next week a shipment of the drug of Russian origin will come that will include components 1 and 2.

Regarding the possibility of combining vaccines from different laboratories between the first and second doses, the national official said that “it is something that is being done in the world and -the German Chancellor- Angela Merkel was vaccinated with two different vaccines and in Argentina studying, but there is still no determination ”.

Criticism of the opposition

In another vein, Cafiero maintained in dialogue with CNN Radio that The Front of All (FdT) has a “list of issues that is much more of a priority than discussing lists and positions as the opposition does”, a little less than a month after the expiration of the deadline for submitting pre-candidate payroll for the STEP on September 12.

“We are not in the discussion and lobbying as the opposition is. Instead of proposing tools to overcome the pandemic, the only thing that motivates them is to get one or two more deputies,” said the official.

In this context, he argued that the ruling party “has a commitment to what happens in everyday life to Argentines,” and argued that the FdT “will naturally end up expressing itself on a list and compete.”

“The Front of All is a diverse front with different views, we have unity in diversity. That allowed us to win an election and carry out a government with different agendas and demands,” said the official and ratified that “the objective of the Front will continue to be that: preserve unity in diversity “.

For Cafiero, in the next legislative elections – scheduled for November 14 – “it will be chosen what was the behavior of the political spaces in a moment as special as the pandemic” and added: “We will have to render accounts.”

We will have to decide between those who did in the pandemic and between those who dedicated themselves to writing documents and angering the angry“, he concluded, referring to the letter that a group of opposition militants put together with harsh criticism of the Government and a call for the unity of Together for Change with a view to the legislative elections.


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