Confluencia Movimiento Feminista, which brings together fifty organizations from all over Spain, has demonstrated in Madrid and other cities against the trans law of the Ministry of Equality, which, in its opinion, represents “a setback in protection“of the rights of women.

“Irene Montero, resignation” and “this Government does not represent us” have been some of the slogans that have been heard this afternoon in Puerta del Sol, where several hundred people have gathered.

These mobilizations take place one day after the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced that the preliminary draft of this norm will be will be approved in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, June 29, including in its wording the self-determination of the trans collective.

“Unfortunately, in the 21st century they are rolling back women’s rights, and with the Ministry of Equality that we have in Spain today the situation is worse “, has influenced the member of Confluencia Movimiento Feminista, Sonia Gómez.

Gómez has stressed that the Trans Law “is not about trans rights”, but about “deletion of women and infant hormone”. “We want people to read that trans law. Feminism has never been against the rights of anyone, on the contrary. We have been great fighters for our rights,” he added.

Feminist entities consider that “the offensive of the alliance between patriarchy and neoliberal capitalism against women in general, and against the feminist movement in particular”, is reaching a “criminal” situation that it is “subverting all the demands” of the movement and “penetrating the entire legal system” of the country.

And they point directly to the current government that, they recall, “calls itself” the “most feminist in history” and yet, in their opinion, “they are transforming laws against the feminist agenda“for which they have” fought for the last 300 years.

“Faced with the complicit inaction of the Presidency of the Government, the Ministry of Equality has ignored and despised the feminist movement, promoting laws against women, “says Confluencia, which also focuses on the Autonomous Communities that have approved laws on trans rights. This situation, they indicate, has led them to” take to the streets. “

The spokesperson for Confluencia Movimiento Feminista and 8-M Movimiento Feminista de Madrid, Laura de la Fuente, explained in statements that the Government “It has not complied with the feminist agenda” and it considers that the PSOE has accepted this law to obtain “political profits”.

“Of the four commitments of the Coalition Pact, it has not fulfilled any and, in addition, it elevates to the category of pact this Sex Self-Determination Act when it was not registered or consensual in these terms “, he pointed out, adding that despite being the” most feminist government in history “, it is also the one that has carried out the least measures by women.

Modify the Rodhes and Celaá laws

These feminist organizations demand the repeal of all the trans laws existing in the Spanish territory in which they are “substitute the legal category sex for gender identity”.

In addition, they want to stop the LGTBI Law, or the one known as the Zerolo Law (of Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination) that “introduces the criminalization of people that, in the exercise of their fundamental right to freedom of expression, they defend the use of the words woman, mother or vulva, or make a mistake in the use of pronouns, imposing fines of up to 150,000 euros “.

They also call repeal the rules or the part of them that violate the rights of women and children, as well as against fundamental rights and public freedoms, such as the recently approved Rhodes Law (for the protection of children against violence) and some provisions of the Celáa Law (LOMLOE), which, in his opinion, “creates confusion regarding the obligation to educate in equality.”

Another of the feminist organizations that denounces the damage of trans norms to women, the organization Against the Erasure of Women, has warned that, if the Government gives the green light to a trans law with gender self-determination, it will be supporting “a law misogynist “that” destroys “the rights of women and will be “surrendered to the wishes of men”.


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