The Communities of Madrid, Murcia, Galicia and the Valencian Community have reported new cases of COVID-19 associated with outbreaks linked to end-of-year trips to Mallorca, with which the total count of cases among students now exceeds 500 in six regions, according to the information provided by the different autonomous governments.

Specifically, while the screening continues, the Community of Madrid has already counted 320 cases; Galicia puts them at about 50; Basque Country 49; Valencian Community 67; Murcia 18 and Aragón 10: in total, there are 516 cases confirmed to date. Catalonia investigates an outbreak with 24 cases and another 40 in study after an end-of-year trip not to Mallorca, but to the neighboring island of Menorca.

To these we must add that 476 young Andalusians are currently in isolation after making end-of-year trips to Mallorca, as reported by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno. The tests have already begun.

It should be remembered that the Alert Report of the Ministry of Health agreed this Thursday that those people who are or have participated in end-of-year trips to Mallorca are considered “close contacts” after the infections detected in the last hours.

At the same time, the Generalitat de Catalunya investigates a massive outbreak produced in end-of-year celebrations of second-year high school students, not in Mallorca, but on the neighboring island of Menorca. This outbreak has 24 confirmed positive cases and another 40 under study.

The Balearic Government has communicated that it has opened a file to the organizers of a reggaeton concert in the Plaza de Toros de Palma and investigates nine hotels due to outbreaks associated with end-of-year trips.

More cases in Madrid

In the Community of Madrid, 320 positives among students aged 17 to 19, which affect 61 Basic Health Zones (ZBS) of the Community of Madrid, in a generalized way throughout the region.

The young people, coming from 31 institutes in the region, stayed in eight hotels in Mallorca during those days and had “a program of activities with festivals and others quite intense”. According to Andradas, the students have admitted a “general failure to comply with the mandatory use of a mask.” Most of them are asymptomatic or present mild symptoms, without any hospitalization.

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All of them traveled to Mallorca between June 18 and 20 after the EVaU in a trip organized by a travel agency in Valencia and the positives were confirmed upon his return from the same, mainly as of June 21.

As a consequence of the “mega-outbreak”, with a attack rate from 17 to 23%, there are another 2,000 students “exposed and quarantined” due to their relationship as close contact of positive cases.

In addition, the Madrid authorities sthey suspect that there is intrafamily transmission, although this circumstance is still being studied pending the results of the epidemiological tests carried out. Likewise, he has pointed out that it is the British variant, although he does not rule out that there may be some affected by some other strain.

Confirm cases in Galicia

In Galicia, the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, has estimated around 50 cases of COVID-19 in Galicia associated with end-of-year trips to Mallorca, of which 30, the “major nucleus” is located in the city of Pontevedra. The rest are distributed between Lugo, Ourense and Vigo.

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The Galician health department hopes to have “in the next few hours the map of the educational centers” that had some link with these trips to make them “as soon as possible the corresponding test and, if applicable, subject them to the established quarantine “.

The outbreak in Galicia affects not only the students, but also the direct relatives. Furthermore, these positives correspond to both the British variant and the delta.


In the case of the Basque Country, apparently they were trips organized by the students themselves after finishing the course. The Basque Department of Health is developing a screening in which saliva tests will be carried out around 250 or 300 people. Throughout the morning of this Friday, about thirty people have passed.

In addition, at least five young people from Gipuzkoa who had participated in the end-of-year trips to Mallorca have stayed isolated on the Balearic island when testing positive for COVID-19, according to relatives of young people who are taking part in a massive screening in San Sebastián.

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In statements to the media, the mother of some of the young women who have traveled to Mallorca has reported that in Mallorca they have met “quite a few young people” during those days and “there were places where there was too much kids together.”

“They are 18-year-old kids who want to have a good time, with their measurements, in quotes, because they wear a mask and gel, but if they drink they take it off“, he declared. Finally, he explained that his daughters” went with a company that organizes end-of-year trips. “

Another of the students’ relatives shares that “many people did not wear a mask and the police turned a blind eye“, and has also pointed out that some parents are” proceeding to report to the web that they have made the trip. “

Valencia raises the number of infections to 67

In the case of the Valencian Community, there are already 67 infected from a high school end-of-year trip to Mallorca. The students, from different institutes, They traveled by ferry on June 12 to Mallorca, where they stayed until June 18. Those affected have mild symptoms.

Image during the concert.

For its part, Murcia has confirmed until this Friday 20 cases related to the same travel history to Mallorca, of young people between 17 and 21 years old, mainly from the municipalities of Murcia and Las Torres de Cotillas. These are, for the most part, high school students who were on a study trip.

Finally, Aragon announced this Wednesday that ten positive cases of coronavirus have been detected in a group of 15 young people who have been in Mallorca from June 12 to 18, on a study trip, and who had departed from the Teruel town of Alcañiz. No more cases have been registered in student groups, nor in secondary contacts of the positive ones.

Outbreak among Catalan students who traveled to Menorca

For its part, Catalonia is studying a possible outbreak associated with end-of-year trips to Menorca. The trips They were organized by the students in a particular way creating WhatsApp groups and by contacting travel agencies specialized in this type of event, and the Generalitat has added that schools are not linked to travel.

This episode “has no apparent relationship with a similar one” produced in Mallorca and that, at this time, does not affect any resident of Catalonia, Health has affirmed.

The Balearic Islands believe that it is an imported sprout

The Balearic Government believes that these outbreaks among students could have their origin in an asymptomatic visitor, since no cases have been detected within the Balearic Islands.

2/17/21 SANTANDER EP massive covid test in sports fields PHOTO: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

The spokesman for the Balearic Executive, Iago Negueruela, recalled that these trips were organized by agencies of the Peninsula and has trusted that the authorities of each territory act forcefully. He has also requested the educational authorities and the parents of students “This year they do not allow this type of excursion”.

The Balearic Islands will urge the central Government, competent in the matter, to take legal action against those travel agencies of the peninsula that have been able to organize or collaborate in the development of these activities that violate the COVID regulations.


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