The cry for help of two Italian teenagers against their anti-vaccine parents: "Get vaccinated, we want to be free"

Two brothers aged 16 and 17 came to a law firm for help

A group of teenagers with a mask against the coronavirus.J. L. CEREIJIDOEFE

Updated Thursday, June 24, 2021 –

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First, Matteo rebels against his parents antivacunas. “I want to get vaccinated, Mom and Dad are against it,” he explains, “but they’re making a blatant mistake. And I’m going to disobey even if I’m a minor.” Matteo (fictitious name) is 17 years old, lives in Florence, studies in a high school and has decided that the time for constructive protest has come. “And not only because I want to travel, dance, play sports, live with a smile and not be afraid of the virus,” he says, “getting vaccinated is also and above all an act of love towards others. I don’t want to infect anyone: not even friends, not family or my parents. “

Matteo he is just one of the teenagers willing to confront their fathers and mothers antivacunas. There are many cases, but most of the time they are silenced between the walls of the house. But the Florentine student is a young fighter and has decided to go further. You have asked about your rights and called the lawyer’s office Gianni Baldini, president of the Tuscany Association of Marriage and Child Protection Lawyers. It was not the first.

Simone, 16 years old and resident in the province of Arezzo, in the east of the Tuscany, he also asked the association how to get around his parents’ ban and get vaccinated. “It is not easy,” explains Baldini, “because unfortunately in Italy There is no lawyer for minors who, as in other European countries, intervenes in these cases to resolve disputes in favor of children without the judicial authority having to intervene. We will ask to speak to their parents, but I have also suggested to the boys that they contact social services pending the judicial decision. “

Parents’ reaction

And how have the parents reacted? “It is absurd”, they respond Matteo Y Simone, “We are free to get high at the disco and then we cannot decide on our health. But we will not stop and if necessary we will write to the President of the Republic.”

Matteo emphasizes, yes, that he loves freedom and does not want to oppose the movement antivacunas. “They say they are free people and if they do not harm others, all is well,” he explains, “but if they impose their ideas on others, including children, their rules become incorrect and even rude.”

The feeling is that in this matter there are many rules to change. Not only to protect children in favor of vaccination, but also to intervene when parents, married, separated or divorced, have contradictory views on vaccination.

“In our judicial system, minors cannot decide about their own health,” explains lawyer Baldini, “and neither can they appoint a lawyer. It would be desirable to grant a certain power to the school so that it can activate social services and file an appeal. in the courts. But there will be a conflict, while the figure of the juvenile lawyer will be able to resolve the case by consensus without going to the judge. “

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