It’s summer, there’s no alternate fact

Bonfire on the night of San Juan in Lajares, in La Oliva (Fuerteventura).Carlos de Saá / EFE

On the same day the independence prisoners were released from jail, Spain’s qualification for the Eurocup was arranged and a horizon of hope opened up. Life was beginning again, it was the summer solstice, the night of San Juan; purification rituals were held on the beaches with bonfires and the sea, water and fire, all at the same time, which washes guilt, crime and evil spirits whiter. Then you wake up like new, and they are those magical days when you remove the blanket or the duvet because it is already hot and you sleep only with a sheet or covered by the softness of the night. But as the popular wisdom says on that poster of the bars: “Today is a wonderful day, you will see how someone comes and screw it up.” Our destiny is already conspiring to make us go wrong, make no mistake about it. The sense of destiny is certainly powerful in the Eurocup, we are experiencing a return to the essences; When you suffered against bad teams, the TV commentators were overflowing with optimism, and the more illusions they made themselves, the more you knew that you would not win in life. As for the politicians, what to say, is that they make a living from it; If not, what do they do, they will all come back to the load. It is no longer a matter of ideas or what comes to mind to improve everyone’s life. In Catalonia, in Spain, it is: we want to send me and ours because only then will we feel much better. Whatever freedom or liberation, personal or national, is a fashion of every age. The uncover, the dirty movies, they were progressive. Killing oneself with straws was always dirty, but now the Satisfyer is a summit of women’s liberation, and that one system is free and with the other you leave a pasta in piles or the electricity bill goes up.

People no longer have different opinions about the same fact, they already have different facts to their liking on which to comment on what is convenient for them. But the best thing is that now it is summer, we all agree on that, I do not think anyone will come out with the alternative fact that it is winter, everything will come, so we are going to take advantage. We enter those foolish days in which there is an unwritten agreement, a supernatural inertia, a powerful pagan tradition infiltrated in the machinery of the State and the productive forces that whispers in our ears that do not go crazy, do not run, that total already everything is going to stay for September. If it is that when we want to relax, we can. One of the best things about pardons is that once they are resolved we will no longer hear about them. Cioran, a philosopher, said that when someone is very sure of something, he looks like a murderer. But even he overvalued people, many already get it even though they don’t have much idea of ​​anything. Everyone angry, all year, since the pandemic, what exhaustion. We deserve a break.

Malraux recounted in his anti-memoirs that he asked a priest what he had learned from men after so many years confessing to them, and he said: “First of all, people are more unhappy than we think. And besides… ”He raised his lumberjack arms into the starry night. And also, what happens is that, deep down, there are no mature people… ”. Already, we all notice that. That conversation was in 1940; If that priest were to look into this world so unserious and childish, so opulent and so miserable, where the last great advance of the species has been to specialize in posing, he would indulge in drink. In a Woody Allen film a dead friend appeared to him, he told him about his problems and that he was not happy, and his friend replied: “To be alive is to be happy, I tell you, look at how I am.” Happy summer.

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