Florentino Pérez: "I came to change the world of football and I have achieved something"

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, has appeared on the microphones of Onda Cero in ‘El Transistor’ after days without commenting on the news of the white club. The leader has been interviewed by José Ramón de la Morena at the Santiago Bernabéu, from where the program was held, and there he has analyzed the latest events that have occurred in the ‘White House’: the departure of Zinedine Zidane, the signing of Carlo Ancelotti, the departure of Sergio Ramos after 16 years at Real Madrid …

Regarding the departure of Sergio Ramos, the president wanted to avoid giving details of the disagreement that occurred with the former captain, although in the end he offered his version: “I had a hard time with the farewell of Sergio Ramos and today also, with that of Felipe Reyes. I love him like a son, I brought him 16 years ago. I have never held a press conference with any player. I can only tell you that I have adoration for Sergio Ramos and I am not going to talk here about blurts and bites. Sergio is a Real Madrid legend. Everything we had to say was said by me and by him. I’m not going to give my version. We made you an offer, we gave him a deadline and he did not admit it. This is her house. I wish him the best and I hope he can return to this house, in another position… ”.

The reasons why Florentino Pérez beat Sergio Ramos

Ulises Sánchez-Flor

Regarding the departure of Zidane, who did not complete the remaining year of his contract, he admitted that “knowing Zidane, I was not surprised that he left. It has been a very hard year, I fought an entire afternoon with him to make him stay. When Zidane says he’s going to go, he’s already gone. The one who wrote that farewell letter was not Zidane, someone wrote it to him for sure. It has all the virtues in the world, and has the illusion of being coach of France. A coach who spends four press conferences every week gets tired. People have treated him well and a part of the press has too. Another part has not treated him well ”.

The white president reviewed his career in the Real Madrid leadership and noted: “I came to change the world of football and I have achieved something. I have contributed to improve football a lot back then and I continue working to do so. Real Madrid is a club that is used to winning, not like others. And I am here presiding over the most respected and most admired club in the world ”.

Photo: Sergio Ramos looks at the Champions League trophies in his farewell.

Pérez referred to UEFA, which he is facing for his Superliga project, with harsh words: “What UEFA has to do is worry more about the fans and to make a competition more attractive and that interests everyone and we do not continue to lose fans. Football is having a very bad time and it dies if we do something to ourselves because the interest is less and less and young people entertain themselves in a different way. And if we do not realize that this is happening, we will have a problem ”.

Regarding the work of the Santiago Bernabéu and the possibility of receiving an audience, a measure that has already been confirmed by the Government, Florentino warned that the work of the stadium will be “in principle by the end of next year. At least the most important. But the work is conceived so that it can be working and can be played. It is made so that members can enter to watch football ”. Regarding the hypothetical option of playing a game at the Atlético stadium, he made it clear that “in principle we have no need to ask for the Metropolitan. If we needed it, surely Cerezo would lend himself because he is very generous. But we don’t need it. ”

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