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Not even the most creative of producers could plan what would eventually happen with the world premiere of “The Legend of Sergio Ramos”, Second season of the documentary series about the Spanish footballer, winner of four Champions League (three of them consecutive) that broadcasts Amazon Prime Video.

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The sequence goes as follows. Just hours before this millionaire production is released internationally (in Spain it premiered on April 9), Real Madrid announced the separation of its iconic footballer. After 16 years and with countless titles obtained in all the existing European competitions at club level, the fierce defender would not wear the ‘merengue’ shirt again.

In the press conference of the announcement, the athlete was absolutely sincere: his contract was about to end and the club had offered him to renew for a year and with 10% less salary due to a cut due to the coronavirus pandemic. At first, he did not accept. The parties agreed to talk. Days, weeks and months went by, and when Ramos finally called to say “I accept,” they told him: “We’re sorry, the proposal has expired.”

What led Real Madrid to decide not to renew its most beloved footballer? Was the president, Florentino Pérez, something unfair with the history of the strong central defender? Is the club’s decision justified because no one is ahead of the institution? The possible answers to these questions can obviously only emerge from the realm of speculation.

What is a fact is that “The legend of Sergio Ramos”Was produced, recorded and released perhaps with the expectation that its protagonist will continue for a long time in the ‘White House’. Or at least two years. And it is that in almost all its six chapters the ‘Captain’ makes it clear that after 34 years (to say the age of Sergio in 2020) he does not have in mind to retire from professional activity. An idea that, incidentally, goes hand in hand with his athletic ability and his unquestionable responsibility off the court. Zero ‘ampays’, zero ‘slip-ups’, zero scandals.

Beyond this, the second part of the documentary series on Sergio Ramos has been released and we break it down here into four keys for those who want to know more about the character:


For those who did not see the first season of the documentary series, entitled “The heart of Sergio Ramos”, it will not be difficult to get hooked on this new installment. And it is that there is past and present distributed very evenly. We will see from the building in which little Sergio played ball without imagining his successful future, to the story of how he started in the humble club Camas, to then move on to Sevilla and finally anchor at Real Madrid.

It is impossible to talk about this athlete without taking into account the importance that a factor such as family has for him. The respect and gratitude towards his father, the affection he professes for his mother. His brother, that is to say, is his official agent. How fundamental is for Sergio his wife, the presenter and influencer Pilar Rubio, and the immense love he feels for his young children.


In a club used to having ‘galacticos’, Sergio Ramos made a name for himself and always transcended as the undisputed starter in the rear. He led the dressing room and was a participant in obtaining various trophies. Asked about the most important goal of his life, the defender confesses in the documentary that it was the one that scored against Atlético de Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final in Lisbon.

An important character in “The Legend of Sergio Ramos” is, without a doubt, former soccer player Jorge Valdano. His wisdom and the precision of his comments fill with lucidity what at various times could pass as a reality show. Only he seems capable of defining not only the footballer, but the human being. It describes the ‘race’ that he showed in his beginnings, his mettle, but he is also able to see what is coming the day after the retreat.

Zidane and Sergio Ramos.  (Photo: Prime Video)
Zidane and Sergio Ramos. (Photo: Prime Video)

However, not everything is happiness and celebration in this documentary series. There is also room for losses, although always focused as an opportunity to get ahead. Ex and current teammates of the defender agree that when he makes a mistake in a play he immediately looks for a second chance. Thus, it is easy for him to earn the respect of many.


Every hero has a feat on his or her record. And Sergio Ramos is no exception. He made his debut very young in the ‘Red’, the defender always showed mettle and temperament. Fate would make him one of the protagonists of the golden age of Spanish football at the national team level. Although with some difficult initial years, the first important steps would begin to be taken under the guidance of Luis Aragonés. Titles would come. Eurocup first, and then the World Cup in South Africa (although already with Vicente del Bosque as coach).

A selection clearly benefited from virtuous players or at their highest moment, such as Xavi, Iniesta, Casillas, Fábregas, Xabi Alonso, would manage to remain in the memory as one of the best in the history of modern football. Everything is recorded in the documentary with archive images and testimonies of some of those involved.

Paradoxically, at the premiere of the second season of this documentary series Sergio Ramos has been left out of the Spanish team for this European Championship. The defender had been recovering from an injury and Luis Enrique (current coach) chose not to include him on the final list. “It is evident (that I did not call him) because since January he has not been able to compete in the right conditions. It’s hard because Sergio has always been at the highest level and has helped the national team a lot, “said the coach.

Sergio Ramos at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (Photo: AFP)
Sergio Ramos at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (Photo: AFP)


Not a minor detail is that during the recording of the series the coronavirus pandemic was unleashed around the world. Suspended matches, Zoom training, stand-by competitions and changes in the calendars marked the last 15 months of European and world football.

“The legend of Sergio Ramos” allows us to see how a guy who breathes football almost 24 hours a day must adapt to an unprecedented situation. His support is clearly the family, the children, his wife Pilar Rubio and a lot of the gym. While there were no tournaments, the defender never gave up his physical rhythm. And the award would arrive only a few months later when, in stadiums without an audience, the ‘merengue’ club spun enough triumphs to win La Liga number 34. “Winning it was important because it was the Coronavirus League,” says the defender, always psyched to break records and stay in the statistics.

Sergio Ramos's story can be seen on Prime Video.
Sergio Ramos’s story can be seen on Prime Video.


Synopsis: Second installment of the documentary series on the private and professional life of the Spanish soccer player and Real Madrid icon, Sergio Ramos.

Platform: Prime Video.

Chapters: 6

Duration: 1 hour per chapter (approximately)

Classification: General public.

Rating: ★★★


Trailer of "Roberto Baggio, El divino".  (Source: Netflix)
Trailer of “Roberto Baggio, El divino”. (Source: Netflix)



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