VIDEO: LIVESTREAM: Turkey must also chase against Switzerland Zwitserland

  1. 6′ – Goal – Haris Seferovic (1 – 0)

Money time in Group A, the first group where today the 3rd and last day of the group stage takes place. For now, things are not looking good for Switzerland (1 point) and Turkey (0 points), but the qualification for the next round is still possible. Watch the match in Baku here or on Canvas from 5.50 pm.

  1. 23′first half, minute 23. Yilmaz sprints after a ball and does it better than two Swiss. Only his compatriots have not been followed properly, so that the momentum is soon over. There is eventually another shot from long range, but Sommer can see that quietly outside. .
  2. 20′first half, minute 20. Zuber considers his moment has come. The winger cuts in from the left, but its low slide goes a handful of yards wide of Cakir’s target. .
  3. 20′first half, minute 20. For the Swiss it is time to build in some rest. Not that the Turks are coming up high, but the balance was lost for a while. .
  4. 20′first half, minute 20. Swiss goalkeeper keeps the lead on the backboard.

    Swiss goalkeeper keeps the lead on the board

  5. 17′first half, minute 17.
  6. 16′Summer is among them. The Turks have staged another attack. Müldür strikes from a sharp angle from the left. Sommer is in between, but can’t completely clear the ball. Fortunately for him, the Turkish cross from the right yields nothing. . first half, minute 16.
  7. 13′first half, minute 13. Switzerland virtually third. Switzerland does not have its fate in its own hands, that much is clear. As long as Wales doesn’t lose to Italy, third place is the highest achievable. .
  8. 11′first half, minute 11. Will the Turks survive this early setback? In any case, there was no appropriate response against Wales. .
  9. 10′first half, minute 10. Seferovic blows Switzerland 1-0 against Turkey.

    Seferovic hits Switzerland 1-0 against Turkey

  10. 6′Goal in the first half, minute 6 by Haris Seferovic of Switzerland. 1, 0.
  11. 6′first half, minute 6. Seferovic gives Switzerland a dream start! After some Turkish warnings, the goal falls on the other side! Seferovic takes advantage of the space he gets to blast the ball low into the far corner. Turkey quickly falls behind: 1-0. .
  12. 4′Sommer was soon put to the test. Ünder dabbles with Rodriguez, taps the ball through Yilmaz’s chest to Ayhan. He doesn’t hesitate and lashes out, but Sommer dives the ball neatly out of his goal! . first half, minute 4.
  13. 4′first half, minute 4. Turkey immediately creates danger.

    Turkey immediately creates danger

  14. 3′first half, minute 3. Tufal now also tries from a similar distance, but his ball blows high over the goal of goalkeeper Sommer. .
  15. 3′first half, minute 3. The first shot is credited to the Turks. Burak Yilmaz pops from about 20 meters and the ball disappears into a corner via a Swiss back. .
  16. 2′first half, minute 2. Shaqiri can already throw a ball, but his effort is too weak to reach one of the strikers. Embolo also tries along the same right side, but he doesn’t even get past the defender. .
  17. 1′first half, minute 1. The ball rolls in Baku! Turkey and Switzerland start the duel they both have to win at all costs. Of course there can only be one winner, so it promises to be a duel on the cutting edge. .
  18. 1′ first halffirst half, minute 1 match started
  19. 17:55in advance, 17:55. First some singing. Time for folk songs! The Turks begin with their national anthem. The Swiss can then choose between the German, French, Italian or Romansh version. .
  20. 17:48in advance, 17h48. Livestream. You can also follow the match via our livestream. You can of course also watch the match on Canvas, listen to it on Radio 1 or on this page via text updates. .
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