They are looking for a young woman who disappeared from her home

Mr. Principal:

The National Symbols of Argentina are: the Cockade, designated in 1812, the Shield and the Anthem, incorporated in 1813, and the Flag, made official in 1816. They are those that identify our Nation, the country, its culture, and its people, inside and outside the borders of our country. Besides being the emblems that identify us in the concert of nations, they constitute a common denominator for true Argentines.

These are national emblems, which represent the values ​​of our homeland. Those that all Argentines swore to defend regardless of the political flags: freedom, equality and justice in our independent and sovereign territory.

Our country, the Argentine Republic, is made up of 23 provinces and an autonomous city. It is a sovereign state, organized under a republican, representative and federal system of government. Dr. Alfredo Avelín said in a recent message through social networks: “They want us a Marxist and communist country”, referring to those who are governing us, and it has a lot of truth. We see how nothing happens and the indifference of the people to this action does not realize or does not want to see where every day we are more denationalized.

They have already raised red flags and flags of various colors in our territory, which is not precisely the blue and white, ignoring our national symbol. We listen and it does not bother us in the least, as they are changing the National Anthem, changing its lyrics with daring, malicious and disrespectful phrases. Letter that often shames our respect and love for national symbols.

Green ribbons (a color that symbolizes denial of life) are attached to the cockade. It gets worse when we are already hearing that now our commitment to the Flag will not be promised, by the students of the primary and secondary schools. They want to ban it.

The blue and white is entering a crisis, every day it is devalued and trampled, with ideologies that are not of national roots that do not make our feelings and our history. We swore to defend and give our lives for our flag, we have learned that our national symbols are ours, they are respected and they are never changed and they are eternal.

Leopoldo Mazuelos Corts
DAYS 5.543.908

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