Marc Márquez's long journey is nearing its end

It seemed that it was written yes Marc Márquez he had to win, he had to do it at the Sachsenring, the German Grand Prix circuit. For many reasons, but just thinking that whenever he has raced there in MotoGP he has come out the winner, was one more reason to be confident, despite the fact that even today Márquez continues to drag an important physical handicap. His rivals already pointed this out before the motorcycles started rolling, but it was not a strategic or gratuitous position, it was the confirmation of the evident evolution of Márquez.

Marquez leads the race. (Reuters)

Marquez allowed himself to be loved. Who doesn’t like to get their ears gifted? And he said no, with a small mouth, that he was not yet to win. But ein his heart he was determined to seize the opportunity if it was presented to him. The fact that he was not part of the group of drivers participating in the press conference on Thursdays was already an indication of the degree of concentration with which he approached the race. He simply wanted to focus all his energies on the competition, with as few distractions as possible, taking advantage of the good feelings he had.

Because already in the last Grand Prix of Catalonia his early fall – he only lasted five laps on the track – hid his obvious progression, and the training sessions carried out the following day at the Circuit confirmed his improvement on the physical level, completing 87 laps, more than any other rider. But it is already known that a test day does not have the intensity of a Grand Prix.

At the Sachsenring an air of confidence hung in the air. Marquez felt better. More comfortable on the most asymmetrical of all the World Championship circuits, where ten of the track’s thirteen curves face left, the same direction of turn as the ‘dirt track’, the specialty in which Márquez has trained so much, and to which he returned for the first time since his injury a week before traveling to Germany. There, another pleasant surprise awaited him: Michelin would put the same tire compound used in 2019 on the track. Given that there was no race at the Sachsenring last year, Michelin lacked data to work with for this season, so it opted to recover those tires, to which the Honda seems more adapted than the current ones, which has also been a valuable help in the victory.

The Honda rider celebrates the victory. (Reuters)

But above all, Márquez’s success has once again resided in his intelligence, in his ability to read the race, to analyze the variables of each situation. He had the determination to start well and take the lead, setting a not too fast pace that conjured up any possible escape attempts that might follow. It was the only way to have a chance, to be ahead and carrying the weight of the race. And when a few drops fell on the eighth lap, but enough to feel their clatter on the helmet screen, he gritted his teeth and said to himself: “This is mine”. It already happened at Le Mans.


The rain puts everyone on alert, but with Márquez he separates the wheat from the chaff. And in that couple of laps of uncertainty and doubt, Márquez endorsed them 1’7 seconds with his precise and determined driving. When they wanted to react, their advantage was close to two seconds, and the only one who was able to stand up to him was Miguel Oliveira, the Portuguese from KTM who is still in a state of grace. It was a race of tension and concentration. With his usual intelligence he reelled Oliveira, faster than Márquez in the second half of the circuit. What he lost there he recovered in the initial section, more twisty.

And so he was playing cat and mouse with the Portuguese, who came to be less than a second behind the Honda rider. Four laps from the end, Márquez emptied himself, attacked again and no one could stop him, lcelebrating one of the most important victories of his life, the 57th in MotoGP, the 83rd of his sporting career.

Marc Marquez, Miguel Oliveira and Fabio Quartararo on the podium. (Reuters)

It is a more valuable triumph than most others because it is the beginning of the end of his long journey, the one that has taken him through the darkest places of his young life. Places full of pain, hopelessness, uncertainties and doubts. Hence, this victory means much more, excites and brings to tears, thinking about all that he has traveled and how little he has left to travel, convinced that soon, very soon, he will be the same rider that we all did. marveled.

And now, to dream. He, at the moment, does not believe that he could be a threat to the contenders for the title. He is 90 points from Fabio Quartararo, which is getting stronger every day and now enjoys a comfortable 22-point lead over Johan Zarco. They have 275 points at stake. If Márquez manages to maintain the tone shown at Sachsenring and holds onto the podium positions, he could throw the balance in MotoGP, where Quartararo consolidates and the Ducati show their irregularity and their weaknesses, the same as Suzuki, while KTM progresses. And Honda? His fate is in the hands of Márquez.

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