Jacques Dutronc evokes Françoise Hardy: "An icon"

Guest of Michel Denisot in “Icons” this Saturday, June 19, Jacques Dutronc confided in his relationship with Françoise Hardy, who shared his life for nearly 30 years.

Aged 78, Jacques Dutronc retired for several years in Corsica. It is therefore on the heights of Monticello that Michel Denisot went to interview the singer as part of his show, Icons.

In the interview broadcast this Saturday, June 19 on Europe 1, the man with the dark glasses returned to his life as an artist. He spoke in particular of the personalities he encountered during his lifetime and who made him the artist he has become.

Jacques Dutronc
Jacques Dutronc @ GettyImage

And after having listed several big names in music and cinema, Jacques Dutronc obviously mentioned Françoise Hardy, the woman of his life.

A long love story

In a relationship since 1967, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy married in 1981 before separating in 1987. However, Thomas Dutronc’s parents never divorced and are always so close than before. Moreover, when talking about the mother of his son, the cigar aficionado had no hesitation:

Here is an icon.

Françoise Hardy and Jacques DutroncFrançoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc
Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc @ AFP

Which suggests the nature of the feelings he still has for Françoise Hardy, who fights fiercely for the right to euthanasia.

In a previous show, she had told Michel Denisot to have written several songs for Jacques Dutronc, which he never deigned to listen to.

This is what she believes.

He replied to the presenter, who reported to him the words of his ex-wife. And to add with his Parisian banter:

I know there is one that is totally dedicated to me, her name is here. I was talking to him on the sidewalk, to sound a little bigger. She, of course, I do * rd to ensure that she is in the gutter …

Although they have been separated for more than 30 years, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy have never cut ties. She always stays there muse from the interpreter of I like girls, even though they’ve come to love each other differently over time:

But the more it went, the more the woman gave me the blues!

Corrected the elder of the yéyés, after inadvertently saying “caviar”. Jacques Dutronc then joked, bouncing off his slip:

The caviar was afterwards because she sold I don’t know how many records… It was huge. So to me the SACEM!

Jacques and Thomas Dutronc soon on tour?

Michel Denisot then asked his host if he saw his son, Thomas Dutronc, also as an icon:

Yes, yes… No, but it’s mostly my son. I do not have a fatherly and blind love, although very, very short-sighted. Yes, he’s fine, but he’s my son. Point.

And to announce without warning that they were perhaps going to do “a tour”:

I’m telling you. It’s for taxes! And for the public, of course… It’s not just taxes in life.

Thomas Dutronc, Jacques Dutronc and Francoise HardyThomas Dutronc, Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy
Thomas Dutronc, Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy @ Jean-Marie Périer / France 5

Dutronc fans are therefore warned. The father and son will soon be back on stage to sing the song:

Each in turn and in duo.

Jaques Dutronc indicated before giving some details.

As he made me redo The Little Garden, we will surely sing it in duet. He’ll do about twenty songs and I’ll do five. That’s enough, right?

Here is therefore a united family, although it is tested by the disease of Françoise Hardy.

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