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Peronism leaders very close to Governor Sergio Uñac confirm that the blocism won the OK to compete in an intern of the Frente de Todos. They assure that the strategy was closed on Thursday at a lunch and that the few members of the meeting were to watch the moment of public confirmation of that agreement, a little while waiting for the electoral calendar to force definitions and another little, why not , to wait for some certainty about what the opposition will do. Uñac destabilized the political board a few months ago with two moves: the first, back in December of last year, by proposing to suspend the PASO, a move that in the end did not have an echo in Kirchnerism but that caused delays and doubts in all due to the assembly of fronts and lists. And the second, much more homely and towards this point in time, was to suggest that the Frente de Todos had to submit to inmates so as not to lose ground to the opposition, taking as learning what happened in the Legislative of 2013. The first He has already died, because there is an election date. But the second is in full swing, since the opposition is debating whether it will actually be useful to suffer the wear and tear of another inmate when on the other side everything looks to attract public attention, if Uñac puts his most public advisor to compete, Luis Rueda, who commands another political party. In turn, Rueda would list Laura Adámoli as the head of the list, a critic of the National Government that Uñac defends. Difficult-to-patch seasonings.

Be careful, nothing is easy, because in Peronism and in the blocism there are questions about the continuity of this electoral marriage. On the PJ’s side, some are jealous of the prominence that Rueda achieved in a short time and blame him for playing for himself and not for “the project.” And on the side of the star’s party, they say that it is not the time to appear in an intern that will only serve Uñac, since they foresee a crushing defeat, at least those who support this theory. They say that the troops are taking a breath after the drowsiness that Graciela Caselles gave them and that it is not time to demoralize the leaders. And beware, they say it very close to Rueda.

The other drama of the play is the litmus test to which Uñac submits the young leader of the Blocism. As always happens in that game, once the move is confirmed, several “Enrique Conti” will emerge who will not want to accompany. They will make reproaches, that they are almost always more mobilized for being left out of the distribution of the cake, than for not coinciding with the strategy. Although Rueda achieved a greater quantity and quality of dialogue with these rebels than his predecessor, it is possible that he is promising Uñac a wealth of political work that in the end he cannot demonstrate on the field. I’m not sure that Rueda and his friends are measuring precisely where they are getting and what the consequences are. But of course, the world is not moved by lukewarm people, a blogger with some experience usually says, whom I prefer not to quote.

And the third element to take into account is the result. What would happen in Peronism if the blocism fights the election? What would happen to Rueda if the PC crushes him hopelessly? Although everyone is playing to obtain a result that shows San Juan as an electoral option, the move of exposing the blocism in an internal competition has its risks. It will be difficult to analyze the votes of each other in the PASO. If the difference is wide, if the difference is short, whether or not there is distance with the rest of the fronts. When numbers are read with a political gaze, everything can change. As we have already said several times, almost never two plus two in politics is four.

It is possible that there is some reason on both sides, blocism and Peronism, but I think that everyone forgets the most important thing: this campaign will be different from any other, because the pandemic will not end yet when it is necessary to vote and because the economy is in worst levels in decades, and may be worst in November. No one was saved here. All have and will have something to reproach. In addition, because of the fear of contagion, it is very likely that people reject any traditional form of electoral campaign. Nothing will be similar to what was done in the last electoral contest. The world changed. In this scenario, then, to the Frente de Todos or to any other front or party that wants to present candidates, it will need all the hands it can join, and that is where the strategy is based. Anyone who thinks that the blocist foray into this madness is prior to 2023, is going to be wrong.

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