The selection draws against Poland (1-1) in the second match of the Eurocup and will play the pass on Wednesday against Slovakia.

Morata laments about a missed opportunity this Saturday.MARCELO DEL POZOPool via REUTERS

What things are. Spain, who found the goal, lost the game. In reality, the goal did not serve him much, just to rescue a draw that leaves him looking very bad, forced to beat Slovakia if he does not want to see his continuity in the European Championship compromised, but after the game against Sweden the impression was that only that was missing, the goal, the feeling after facing Poland is that this team is missing something else. Maybe not many, but capitals. For example, not fitting at the first breath. [Narracin y estadsticas]

His rival this Saturday generated him two chances to score and scored one, so that the entire delivery that was for Spain to find that award went down the drain because of his innocence in his own area. Spain does not look good, as it only dominates the area of ​​the pitch that is between the two areas. In them, in one and the other, it is a minor team that does not know how to handle itself.

It is not that it did not offer anything much better than against Sweden, it is that it was more imprecise, more obtuse, because when things do not work out and the competition advances, everything gets worse. The nerves begin to appear and thus the selection started the night, to which they had put a lawn more or less in conditions and that, being able to circulate and combine better, made it worse.

Gerard Moreno’s entrance

Poland, a very limited team that has a big star that it barely manages to shine, started very enthusiastic. He went to pressure up the domains of Unai Simn and went Klich at five minutes the first shot. In the other area, Spain could not find the roads to Szczesny nor to the left, where they do not strike or Olmo ni Alba, nor on the right, where he introduced Luis Enrique the only change from last Monday. Enter Gerard Moreno in place of Ferrn torres. The difference between the two is that Gerard knows how to do much more with the ball. He does not have that amazing speed of Ferran, but he associates more, he goes further in, he appears from more unexpected places and, in short, he better shakes a defense of five like the Pole.

From a movement precisely by Gerard the goal was born, which as the week came, it was clear, it was going to be from lvaro Morata. The Juventus forward did everything right again. He pressed, went down to receive to unload, threw off marks, stole balls … All good and, moreover, he scored taking advantage of Gerard’s movement from the outside in, whose shot, painful, became a pass thanks to Morata’s cunning who appeared from behind the center to push her. With the uncertainty offered by the VAR (the assistant signaled offside) Spain finally uncorked the goals and finally had the horizon ahead to calm down and play more or less calmly.

He did it for a few minutes in which again Gerard Moreno had two options. The first, in a foul on the front that narrowly left him, and the second in an arrival by band of Jordi Alba that he found the Villarreal forward again in an unexpected place for the center-backs, who had lost sight of him. His shot at the first post was not the second of a miracle. The team seemed to live calmly, which nevertheless was about to complicate life badly due to a gross error by Jordi Alba. He lost the ball in a simple situation and the shot from Swiderski hit the stick. When he rejected it, bad luck, to LewandowskiSomeone is already getting ready to get out of the porter. However, the pair Unai Simn, and Spain was able to catch the break ahead on the scoreboard.

The Lewandowski moment

Poland should go up, and that seemed to be good news for Spain. Well no. What happened is that the party went crazy. Poland went up, yes, but that felt fatal to Spain, as the rival found the equalizer immediately in a Lewandowski auction in which he took the lead Laporte, very soft before such a forward, who taught in the second part how to disarm, by himself, a whole defense. The good news for Spain seemed to be that on the next play, the VAR rescued a penalty on Gerard Moreno. However, the striker himself sent him to the post, showing again that in the areas, Spain is not fine. And that is serious.

They entered Ferran, Fabin Y Sarabia for Boil and the two extremes, a decision, to remove Gerard Moreno from the field, which will surely have a very complex tactical explanation, but which was difficult for mortals to explain, an identical situation when Morata left to make way for Oyarzabal. In the last half hour Spain had several options, and some of them were very clear, but did not find more prizes. And so, without managing the areas, you don’t go anywhere.

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