Pablo Casado charges against businessmen "partners in crime" with pardons

“They are those who, from civil society, say that this measure is aimed at reuniting,” says the leader of the PP

Pablo Casado, between Alberto Nez Feijoo and Juanma Moreno Bonilla.JAVI MARTNEZ

The controversy over pardons does not stop. At the inauguration of Isabel Daz Ayuso this Saturday as president of the Madrid’s community, the president of the PP emphasized that, when the Executive of Pedro Sánchez approves the pardons, there will only be one person in charge, who is the president of the Government who proposes that measure, but there will also be many accomplices. He was referring to those who from political parties are applauding them and, lately -this time limit is important-, to those who from civil society try to say that this measure is aimed at reunion, harmony and coexistence.

It is a dart to the businessmen and the bishops who have supported the pardons as a way of social appeasement. Above all, the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, who on Thursday said that if the measure of grace ends in the end things normalize, then welcome. But then he had to qualify his words and clarify that normalization means that people comply with the Constitution, they are working within that State of Law, respecting the law, the Statute and, of course, that they talk about what needs to be said.

Casado criticized those who support pardons as a finalist measure, because reunion is the law, harmony is the Constitution and coexistence is the rule of law. Parliament cannot be on the sidelines of the great debates and decisions of this Government, he complained. And he charged again against those who give priority to civil society: With issues as important as the configuration of the State or the breakdown of legality in our democracy, it turns out that we have to be more aware of what the Episcopal Conference, the employers or the unions, he complained. And, with all due respect, it is the deputies and senators who represent the national sovereign. Are the General CourtsIt is those that decide and not civil society, he emphasized once again, during his intervention before the media at the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the Community of Madrid.

Later, sources from the leadership of the PP delved into the discomfort with the Government for trying to give decisive force to the declarations of the businessmen: A political leader is not the same as a president of a business association, with all due respect, underlined a leader from Gnova in one of the huddles. In the opinion of Casado’s environment, Sanchez is denying the legitimacy of Parliament by diluting the debate on pardons and not taking it to a monographic plenary session in the Congress of Deputies.

Conference with civil society

The President of the Government will give a conference on Monday, in Barcelona, ​​on pardons, in front of 300 guests from civil society. It is an appointment that in Genoa they call a joke. What does Married to the chef look like? Jos Andrs or with Abel knight [presidente de la FEMP], for example ?, they ask themselves in the leadership of the PP, to point out that the debate on pardons should be limited to parliamentarism and not engage in canap politics. It is pure populism; There will come a day when in the Congress we Deputies will be props while playing the piano James Rhodes, ironically.

The one that does fall is the storm generated by the words of Isabel Daz Ayuso on account of the role of Felipe VI at the signing of the measure of grace. The baroness of the PP had words of appreciation for Felipe VI in the act of his inauguration as president of the Community of Madrid. She pronounced them in the presence of Casado, who disavowed her on Monday for having wondered if the monarch would sign the decrees or not and if that would make him an accomplice.

His Majesty, the King, Don Felipe VI, has always been, especially in the hardest moments, with the people of Madrid and with the rest of the Spaniards, along with companies and institutions, inside and outside the country, with his usual nearby, Ayuso said. Madrid owes its history to having been a Court, as Madrid, Spain and Monarchy are inseparable, he stressed, before congratulating the head of state on the seventh anniversary of his proclamation.

Casado later considered that controversy with Ayuso settled, saying that in his act of taking office he has vindicated his adhesion to the Crown, although in the environment of the president they reaffirm that Felipe VI is in question by his signature: Continue thinking the same as always. She is right. And they will give it to them, they proclaim at the Puerta del Sol.

Counselors and priorities

Beyond national politics, Ayuso outlined his priorities for this second term in the Community. If the environment is one of the biggest concerns, especially for the new generations, the so-called demographic winter has been a reality for a long time, now aggravated by the pandemic, he stressed. If we do not remedy it, it will end up multiplying in an unstoppable way another major pandemic: loneliness. Supporting motherhood and families is therefore one of the reasons for being in my mandate, he affirmed.

In addition, Ayuso thanked his six PP advisers who will continue in the new Government and the former Citizens Marta Rivera de la Cruz who have left their skin in managing the pandemic working more than 15 hours a day. If we have any adversity again, whatever it may be, they will continue to face their responsibilities like rocks.

Madrid is a Metro car that transports at the same time a father of a family who leaves work, a nun, an Atleti fan, a group of friends who go to a concert or a demonstration. That is Madrid: a Community that does not sleep and that surprises the world, the president summarized in a speech that wanted to curdle with feelings.

The nine councilors who will form the new hard core of Ayuso will swear or promise the position on Monday. That same day the Governing Council will meet and decisions will begin to be made for this short term that will end in May 2023.


Feijo has intervened in the debate on Ayuso’s words on account of the role that Felipe VI will play in signing the pardons for the imprisoned independentistas. I don’t see controversy, said the Baron popular Galician, in which the president of Madrid says that whatever the King does to be in question. I have noticed a concern about the conflict of interest of a pardon that benefits the pardoner more than the pardoned. The pardon is the safe conduct that the Government has to sustain itself in the Government, he observed. It had never happened that the government pardoned itself and a pardon was never given against the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor, added Feijo.

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