Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2021

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Everything you should know and answers to the most common questions you can ask yourself about Prime Day 2021.

If you are a Prime user, one of those dates that you should have marked on your calendar is about to arrive, since for two days you will be able to find thousands of offers on hundreds of products that Amazon will select so that you pay less to have them in your home.

Is a such an appointed date (or at least it should be) such as the Three Kings, Christmas or Black Friday, since you will be able to find real bargains from among the thousands of opportunities that the platform owned by Jeff Bezos will show you.

We collect the best offers, discounts and bargains that we can find during Prime Day on June 21 and 22, especially in technological products of all kinds.

It is clear that the Prime Day It will be, like every year, a special moment to find what you like so much and that you have not been able to buy because it is expensive. Now it may be much cheaper so you can finally buy it and get your hands on it.

In case you have any questions regarding what is this Amazon Prime Day 2021, then you should continue reading this article so that everything that you do not understand or that you do not know about this Amazon worldwide event dissipates.

Who is it dedicated to?

As the name itself indicates, it is the day that Amazon dedicates to users with an active Prime account, lowering the price of thousands of products. This means that if you are not Prime you will not be able to participate in all these offers.

You are still on time, since you can take advantage of the platform offer where you can try this type of account for a month totally free and without any commitment, that is, at the time you deem appropriate within that month you can give yourself low without charging anything.

If this service convinces you and you want to keep it, you should know that it has a cost of 3.99 euros per month or if you pay annually it will be 36 euros, which means that this last mode of payment saves you 11 euros.

When is Prime Day 2021?

Although the name of the event may be misleading, the truth is that there are two days of offers. This year 2021 the next June 20 and 21. That is, we will have 48 hours of sales in which Amazon will show us all the products that it has selected to place very succulent discounts.

The beginning of this maelstrom of offers will be at 00:01 on Tuesday, June 20, and will end at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21. This implies that this Amazon event will last more than 2,800 minutes, where new offers will appear every so often.

How do the offers work?

As you surely know if you have already bought on Amazon, there are several types of discounts on the platform:

  • The normal products that have direct discounts during the days that the company deems necessary.
  • The flash offers that are dedicated to Prime members and that have a certain time to be able to buy. After that time, which is indicated in a countdown, it will return to the normal cost.
  • And finally the discount codes or coupons With which you can get any product that is on Amazon worth less depending on how much is the code or coupon you have.

This varies a bit on the First Day, since only two types of discounts remain:

  • The offers that are exclusive to Prime customers and that are part of those two days of discounts.
  • And the flash offers that change their dynamics, since there will no longer be any that are not Prime. Of course, time is still present and they can only be bought at the discounted price as long as the counter is not at zero, at which point they will disappear.

What else will Amazon downgrade?

Another of the classics of Prime Day are the sales that the company makes in their own products, both those that are physical, such as the Amazon Kindle or the Amazon Echo, as well as those that refer to streaming such as the current 4-month offer of Music Unlimited or the 20-euro gift voucher that you can get if you formalize your bank account as a payment method in Prime.

The offers on Amazon products may not stop there and other services such as Prime Video or Amazon Kindle Unlimited, the service for downloading and reading e-books, may also have some kind of discount or promotion.

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