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Vivian Grimigni, who made her comeback in “La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 6,” spoke openly about her relationship to cosmetic surgery. The candidate has used it and has since felt more fulfilled than ever.

When they’re not making the fortune of tattoo artists, reality TV contestants are getting the bargains plastic surgeon clinics. If young women are more likely to change their appearance, men are not left out either. Like Vivian Grimigni, who admitted to having recourse to a rhinoplastie.

The 29-year-old, who made his comeback this year in The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 confided, during an interview with Zone Off, than having taken the decision to switch to billiards completely changed his life :

I know that I am a boy who is not super handsome. If I’m generally liked or attracted to girls, it’s not because I’m very handsome. It’s mostly in relation to my humor. So physically, let’s say I’m moderately handsome.

He analyzed. And to remember, not without irony:

I had a nose… It looked like a pickaxe! My eyes were even closer together because I had badly shaped eyebrows. I think, as everyone says, that the totem pole of Koh-Lanta was inspired by me.

Vivian Grimigni
Vivian Grimigni @ Secret Story/TF1

Revenge on his past

Vivian has a long time suffered from mockery during his youth in college or on social networks. So it was without regret that he decided to transform his physique, and this, for his greatest happiness:

I think it’s revenge on life. I was so discredited when I was little. We used to say: “He’s ugly, he’s sleazy. He has a nose, he can open doors with it.

Painful memories that are now far behind him:

It’s a bit of a revenge of life to say to me: “Now Vivian, to all the people who said that, show them that you have changed, that you have beautified yourself”.

A new man

Before having her nose redone, Vivian Grimigni first sculpted a new silhouette. The candidate discovered in Secret Story 8 in fact threw himself headlong into bodybuilding and achieved his goal to perfection. He now sports a superb body of Apollo that he enjoys exhibiting on social networks.

Now better in his skin, the darling of Eva Ducci is well aware that it is thanks to cosmetic surgery :

I know that there are a lot of people who are against cosmetic surgery, but I think that if it is not abused, it is a good thing.

And to mention school bullying, which can sometimes lead to devastating tragedies:

There are people at school who are extremely mean. Me, I complexed on my nose for years and I could not have an operation before I was 18 years old. And in the meantime, people are criticizing.

If unfortunately some candidates have experienced unhappy experiences, like Jelena Dukic, Vivian has regained his self-confidence and is finally handsome:

For me, surgery can really change lives. Me, it changed my life. I feel much better. It feels good to be said that I am not just a clown and that I am beautiful too.

So here is a man filled at all levels. Because since he won back the heart of the sparkling Eva Ducci, Vivian Grimigni lives on a small cloud… So as long as it lasts!

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