It all started with a chance meeting the afternoon we fired Lohana in the legislature. Some of us already knew each other and others, we would just know each other and then we would not know each other. Three months before, Diana had died, and a few weeks ago the trans job quota had been sanctioned in the province of Buenos Aires.

That summer, the feeling of orphanhood led us to a reckless idea: raise the flag of the quota in the City and also at the national level. It would not be easy, we had it for certain, but we were driven by the desire that these deaths would not be in vain and that in our hands was the possibility of trying to change everything. Life as we knew it until that moment was unsustainable. Marginalization, intolerance, hunger, loneliness, unbearable absences were things that we had to change.

Perhaps this explains the passion with which he leads a crusade that can last for years and whose victory is doubtful. But sadness had hardened our pessimistic emotions and there was only room for the joy of facing the fight. Because what still depends on that depended, and that is that the social condemnation that we live for being trans and transvestites is only a painful memory in the history of our collective.

It was a time when we watered the seeds of what we are beginning to harvest today. There were moments that meant the opening of places that until then were denied, and where smiles abounded but not concrete answers, but we continued. And we were defoliating along the way, losing petals that were dreaming of a better future, but every time we collide with some obstacle, far from giving in, it gave us more strength, because we had the conviction to fight a fair fight. We had fierce discussions to define the strategy.

The clear objective: to achieve unity to generate critical mass to defend the bill. But it was difficult to succeed, trying to unite, something that many people want to be broken. In the winter of 2016, Cristina met with CABA legislators at the Instituto Patria, these were times when the unity of Peronism was not seen as future and Macrismo was at its nefarious apogee. We managed to meet with her, explain the situation and why the need for a quota to access formal work, convey the spirit in which this rule was intended. Generate opportunities where there never were. She chatted briefly with us and agreed to take the first of several photos that I am proud to have asked of her and she lovingly agreed. What follows in the story is already better known … Now an even more difficult bone to crack awaits us, but with the impulse of a half sanction, which will allow us to shout sooner rather than later that it will be law. The time has come.


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