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Sometimes we talk about crazy bridges, big dams, huge freighters and even pools with record depths, sometimes the megastructures do not have to measure more than 4 meters wide. Of course, the unevenness of the conveyor belt of the Minera Media luna it has a vertigo unevenness.

In fact, this tool was built to pay for the transportation of materials from the El Limón-Guajes gold deposit, located in a terrain with difficult access and a drop of 400 meters. It is located in Mexico and was built to be able to transport thousands of tons per hour without requiring hundreds of trucks, since they cannot access the point of origin.

The shortest way, though hanging in the air

Ropecon 01

The conveyor belt is a colossal structure that covers a distance of 1,300 meters. It was built by the Doppelmayr Transport Technology company, specialized in the construction of cable cars, funiculars, chair lifts and this type of vehicle and systems based on conveyor belts or cable dragging.

Talking about conveyor belts, a priori, may be somewhat unattractive, but it is a structure that is capable of transporting 25,000 tons of materials in one hour. Something that is achieved without the need to carry out a work that is too complex and for environmental reasons, part of what the mining company was looking for, as they say in Microsiervos.

Above these lines we see that Doppelmayr has its own video that shows the operation of the conveyor belt. The truth is that epic music is not bad for him, seeing the perspective from the tape itself and how that unevenness descends.

RopeCon, as the system is called, has advantages such as being able to sort rivers and valleys without requiring too much infrastructure. The company promises easy maintenance, although as it is partially seen at the end of the video, if something breaks you have to move to whatever point it is and do the repair at height, so it should not be a job for all audiences either.

Ropecon 03Ropecon 03

Although it is a solution with perhaps less impact than others, mining itself also has consequences that neighboring towns tend to suffer, such as in the largest gold mine in Europe (in Asturias), and from Google Maps it is appreciated so much the tape as the whole farm. There is not a hole as big as the one in the Mir diamond mine or something as dramatic (and illegal) as the “rivers of gold of the Amazon”, but the impact of these exploitations is always considerable, so better if you opt for systems that minimize it as much as possible.

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